NewsJudges acquitted pensioners in the package bomb trial

Judges acquitted pensioners in the package bomb trial

A series of explosive parcels had caused concern and horror earlier this year. The Heidelberg Regional Court has now passed a verdict.

Heidelberg – In the process of explosive mail to food companies, the Heidelberg district court acquitted a pensioner.

The defendant only had to pay a fine for illegally possessing ammunition, the verdict was announced on Friday. This case has nothing to do with the explosive mail. The ammunition was discovered by accident.

The series of explosive mailings began on February 16 in Eppelheim in Baden-Württemberg. There, in the goods receiving department of the beverage manufacturer ADM Wild, a man was injured by a deflagration when he was accepting a package. The following day, when a letter was opened in Lidl’s headquarters in Neckarsulm, Baden-Württemberg, there was an explosion with three injured. A third parcel, which was addressed to the baby food manufacturer Hipp in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm in Upper Bavaria, was intercepted and defused in a parcel distribution center at Munich Airport. The Ulm man had always protested his innocence.

The Heidelberg public prosecutor accused the defendant of causing an explosive explosion, as well as causing dangerous bodily harm and attempting serious bodily harm. The electrician wanted to force money from the companies by means of self-made explosive devices. The defense lawyers had pleaded for acquittal because, according to an anthropological report, the pensioner was most likely not the man wanted. dpa

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