AutoJuice Booster 2, the most demanded charger among electric...

Juice Booster 2, the most demanded charger among electric car consumers

We find more and more electric vehicles circulating on our roads. Whether due to traffic restrictions due to pollution, which push us to bet on alternatives to internal combustion engines, or because of our own conscience, which is beginning to wake up, understanding the importance of the fight against pollution; The truth is that electric cars have a little more presence on the streets of our country every day.

And after its arrival, the automobile market has been completely revolutionized , as well as its necessary battery recharging. The infrastructure still does not reach the size to feel comfortable and calm when traveling, however, having an easy and intuitive charger opens a window towards this necessary confidence. And the best that currently exists on the Spanish market is Juice Booster 2, from the Swiss multinational Juice Technology.

Why is it so special? This 22 kw mobile charging station adapts to any existing electric vehicle as long as it has a type 1 and 2 charging socket. Single-phase, two-phase or three-phase charging at currents up to 32 amps, regardless of whether the charging power level is 3.7 / 7.4 / 11 or 22 kW. Under ideal conditions, the battery will fully charge in just 1 to 4 hours, depending on its size.

Exactly, it has several adapters and extension cords (more than 30) that act as a universal USB in order to offer recharging in all power outlets, both domestic and industrial. In fact, with Juice Booster 2 you can always charge at full speed, in complete safety, regardless of the type of power connection. It automatically adjusts itself to the correct settings, both here and abroad.

If this charger is characterized by something, it is its great safety and weight of less than 1 kilo. Features a durable, weather-resistant aluminum housing that is splash and dust resistant when the connector is plugged in; and immersion proof. In addition, the aluminum ‘connector’ is designed using aerospace technology and can even withstand the weight of a vehicle’s wheels, offering guaranteed safety and flexibility during each loading process.

On the loader screen you will find several colored indicators . Yellow led indicates charging mode, shows basic mode; and you must hold down the Select button to change modes. The orange light indicates that the current is flowing and the car is charging. For its part, the green LED indicates the load intensity, which is automatically detected, for example, 32 A in this case. You can reduce the power (amps) with the Select button. Finally, the red LEDs warn of failures.

The price of this product, which is around 1,000 euros, has a length of 225 mm and an elongated cable can also be purchased that can be inserted into the Juice Booster 2 if necessary, as well as the corresponding one. Available in lengths of 5 or 10 meters.

Afraid of being robbed? It will be a more than complex operation because this adapter is protected from theft quickly and easily with a combination lock.

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