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Jungle camp: Lucas Cordalis surprised before entering the camp with a nasty dig at his wife Daniela

Someone is particularly looking forward to the jungle camp (RTL): Lucas Cordalis showed up with an extraordinary animal on Instagram. For his “cat” he has a nasty remark about.

South Africa – It’s not that far yet, but when Sonja Zietlow’s call rings out through the jungle, this participant is ready: Lucas Cordalis agrees a few days before the start of “I’m a star, get me out of here” * 2022 into the wilderness and is “grateful for this experience” in advance. Instead of cockroaches, spiders and snakes or the “cat”, Daniela Katzenberger’s husband has his picture taken with a gray giant.

Jungle camp 2022: Lucas Cordalis “grateful for this experience”

There are only a few days left until the popular RTL show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” enters its 15th round. On January 21st, 12 more or less well-known celebrities make their way into the jungle to face the exciting tasks and the often difficult camp life. The candidates for this year’s season* have already flown to South Africa. Lucas Cordalis (54) took the chance to meet a very special animal.

Lucas Cordalis replaces his cat with a giant wild animal

Lucas Cordalis usually spends his time with his “cat” in Mallorca, but he had to leave it at home to take part in the jungle camp. Daniela Katzenberger* will therefore be cheering on the television with her daughter Sophia and watching everything closely. She gave her husband a muzzle before the start. He is not allowed to talk about certain things.* Nevertheless, she believes that Lucas will master the jungle, after all it is a tradition in the Cordalis and Katzenberger family. Even Lucas’ father, Costa Cordalis, was allowed to wear the jungle crown. Daniela’s sister also took first place. There should be a certain pressure, but the singer takes it easy. “My wife has been preparing me for seven years. Every time she cooks, it’s at least as hard as a jungle test,” he joked in an interview with RTL.*

Jungle camp participant poses with elephants: “I love nature”

With a post on Instagram, Lucas Cordalis has now proved that he is not afraid of the animals of South Africa either. With huge ears, wrinkled skin and enormous height, he poses in front of a blue sky and lush grass. Of course we’re not talking about the singer himself, because he only takes up a small part of the picture. Rather, the graceful appearing elephant is meant, with which Lucas Cordalis poses for a snapshot. He was “incredibly grateful” for this special moment. He “loves nature and animals more than anything”, which is why this moment was unique, he wrote on Instagram.

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Lucas Cordalis fans: “Your dad would be proud of you”

His “cat” can hardly keep up with this meet and greet, but that shouldn’t bother Daniela Katzenberger much. It is important for her “that he comes home from the jungle camp as a whole and with a crown,” she revealed on Instagram. Lucas Cordalis fans are also looking forward to the start of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here”. A follower * commented under the post: “It’s really a super enchanting experience. Enjoy it. Your dad would be proud of you.” Mother-in-law Iris Klein, who took part in the RTL show in 2013, can only agree because she finds the picture “incredibly beautiful”.

While Lucas Cordalis is in South Africa, his wife is hundreds of miles away. Completely surprisingly, it is not Daniela Katzenberger* who accompanies him to the jungle camp, but father-in-law Peter Klein.

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