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Katja Krasavice's ice tea sales campaign escalates: emergency doctor's call and rush of fans

Created: 08/17/2022, 4:01 p.m

Katja Krasavice verschenkt in Hamburg Eistee an ihre Fans.
Visit from the Ice Tea Queen: Katja Krasavice is currently distributing free cans of her drink “SUGARMAMI” throughout Germany. © Screenshot/Instagram/katjakrasavice; Screenshot/Instagram/sugarmami.official (photomontage)

Katja Krasavice distributes iced tea to her fans in Hamburg. The 26-year-old wants to use it to market her new “SUGARMAMI” drink. But the action escalates completely – a fan faints and the emergency doctor has to intervene.

Hamburg – Katja Krasavice (26) has been able to prove her strong business instinct many times in recent years. After all, the Czech-born is not only successful on YouTube, but also regularly draws attention to herself as a rapper and “OnlyFans” star. Her latest business idea is also a tough one – her very own brand of iced tea, “SUGARMAMI”, has recently become available in stores.

Promotional campaign by Katya Krasavice escalated: Internet star is giving away iced tea to fans in Hamburg

In order to sell her iced tea project, multi-talent Katja has come up with an elaborate promotional campaign. With a bright, pink sales truck, she wants to distribute free samples of the sweet drink at selected locations. The iced tea mobile will stop in a total of six cities to provide thirsty fans with chilled beverage cans.

However, the giveaway campaign does not seem to have gone that smoothly so far, because the event escalates completely during the Hamburg leg of the “SUGARMAMI” tour. As Tag24 reports, hundreds of excited fans are crowding around the colorful drinks cart – a female fan even faints in the middle of the chaos and has to be treated by the ambulance. Relaxed promotional event? – None.

Soft drink queen Katja will stop in these cities next:

  • Leipzig : August 17, 2022
  • Frankfurt : August 19, 2022
  • Vienna : August 20, 2022
  • Munich : August 21, 2022

“SUGARMAMI” on tour: Katja Krasavice goes on a promotional trip with an iced tea truck

Despite the incident, Katja Krasavice continues her promotional tour and regularly shares snapshots of the wild journey in her Instagram story. Incidentally, your iced tea project is by no means the most bizarre celebrity business idea – especially in Hollywood, the big names like to have unusual side jobs. Marvel heroine Scarlett Johansson (37) runs her own popcorn shop in Paris, “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds (45) has his own brand of gin and Hollywood legend Susan Sarandon (75) owns several table tennis bars.

It remains to be seen whether the remaining dates of the “SUGARMAMI” tour will be similarly chaotic. First of all, however, the internet star has a lot to celebrate. Because Katja Krasavice’s iced tea business is a complete success – and at the start of sales it even did better than the beverage project by rap colleague Capital Bra. Sources used: Instagram/katjakrasavice, Instagram/sugarmami.official,,

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