AutoKeys to travel safely by car this Easter

Keys to travel safely by car this Easter

There are many families that this Easter will enjoy a few days of vacation. Before taking the car and hitting the road, the best thing you can do for your safety and that of those accompanying you is to check the car, put all the emergency accessories, documentation and water that may be needed on the road and, above all, Above all, plan your journey in advance. Even if you are going to make a trip that you know, it is always interesting to check the state of the roads before leaving . This way you will avoid surprises such as works or an accident that causes a traffic jam. To do this, on the website of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) you will find all the necessary information. Also check what you are going to do in time through the State Meteorological Agency, as well as having located the gas stations and restaurants that are on the route. Although a GPS can help you for this, if you don’t have the opportunity to access one, on the RACE website you can personalize your trip. Specifically, you mark the point of departure and arrival, and ‘tickets’ that show you the restaurants, gas stations and even fixed radars that you will find along the way . Don’t get any unpleasant surprises!

When you have already left on a trip, it is essential to respect the speed limits, the signs and to stop to rest every two hours . And even more so if we take children to clear their heads, go to the bathroom and even have them eat and drink something. In this way, they will not bother you while driving, at which time it is essential not to take your eyes off the road. When referring to children, there are a series of basic recommendations that you must take into account when traveling by car. First of all, always carry it in its approved child restraint seat and well seated. According to the new Traffic Law, for not wearing a child restraint system or using it incorrectly, 4 points will be deducted from your driving license. Prepare for them a change of clothes in case the weather changes abruptly, and a bag of snacks. Include fruit and healthy foods, especially because with sweets you will have to clean the car later. Also avoid caffeinated beverages so that they do not suffer nervous attacks. In the same way, it is better that they travel distracted. There are from tablets and smartphones so that they can see their favorite drawings, or you can play with them more creative games such as ‘I see, I see’, chained words, riddles, songs…

Also, something fundamental for vacations to be efficient, will be to follow a series of recommendations to save us a little fuel now that its prices reach historical maximums. Therefore, Bridgestone experts give us the keys:

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