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Kid Rock no longer wants to play only for the vaccinated and prefers to insult Fauci

Rock musician Kid Rock announces that it will not only give concerts for vaccinated people. In a new song, the Trump fan railed against Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci.

USA – Kid Rock used to sing about “weird things” he smoked and was married to Pamela Anderson. Today the musician, born 51 years ago in the USA under the name Robert James Ritchie, appears as a fan of Donald Trump and critic of the Corona measures.

Kid Rock sent an Instagram video from a recording studio in which he made a clear statement to his fans and the organizers of his concerts. He will no longer play at concerts that only allow guests who have received a corona vaccination. “If there are any [conditions] left, they will be gone by the time we come to your city,” the singer said, before further promising his fans: “If they aren’t gone, believe me, then you don’t have to worry – You get your money back because I won’t perform either.”

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Corona in the USA: Kid Rock doesn’t want to see vaccination passes at their concerts

According to Kid Rock, several dates of his tour have already been canceled due to this decision. The concerts in Buffalo, New York and Toronto (Canada) have already been “de-listed”. “If you think I’m going to sit there and play songs like ‘Don’t tell me how to live’ or ‘We the People’ while people hold up their vaccination cards and wear masks – that’s not going to happen,” Kid Rock said.

Kid Rock’s stance on Democrats, guns, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, and coronavirus vaccines is well documented. The singer had only released a new song on Monday, which is like a sweeping blow. Under the title “We the people” (the opening sentence of the American Constitution), he celebrated his good friend Donald Trump and insulted US President Joe Biden and top virologist Anthony Fauci in the worst possible way. Afterward, Kid Rock sang a little more about the connection between the minimum wage and inflation and, referring to BLM, reported that he saw “no colors”. In the end, Kid Rock appealed to unity in the USA before the chorus ended with “Let’s go Brandon” – the encrypted version of “Fuck Joe Biden” in right-wing circles.

To person
Surname Kid Rock (born Robert James Ritchie)
old 51 years (born 01/17/1971 in Romeo, Michigan)
spouse Pamela Anderson (2006-2007)
children Robert James Ritchie Jr.

How long the 51-year-old Kid Rock will rock at all is not certain. As the US magazine Politico reports, the singer is considering a career in politics. Members of Donald Trump’s MAGA movement would work to get Rock running for a congressional seat in Tennessee. The musician owns a large property in the capital Nashville. And Donald Trump is already diligently collecting money for candidates favorable to him. (Daniel Dillman)

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