NewsKilled family - lengthy investigation into the murder weapon

Killed family – lengthy investigation into the murder weapon

After the memory of the killed family in Königs Wusterhausen, the investigators still have to clarify questions about the murder weapon. The mayor calls for people to stand up against all forms of violence.

Königs Wusterhausen – In the case of the family killed in Königs Wusterhausen in Brandenburg, lengthy investigations are still necessary. So it still has to be clarified whether a handgun found in the family home is also the murder weapon, said Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon.

“We have to check whether the projectiles we found at the scene of the crime were fired from this weapon,” explained Bantleon. “This review takes some time.”

Last Saturday, the police discovered five bodies in the single-family home in the Senzig district – including those of the three children aged four, eight and ten years. According to previous investigations, the 40-year-old father is said to have killed the children and his wife of the same age and then himself with a gun. According to the investigators, the handgun was found at a location that matches the likely course of events. According to the findings, neither the husband nor his wife had a gun license.

Remembering the dead

On Thursday evening, the church, city officials and residents thought of the dead in Senzig’s church. “After an act that left us stunned, the prayer in the Senzig parish hall offered the space to come together and process what we had experienced together,” said Mayor Michaela Wiezorek (independent) on Friday. She called on citizens and the general public not to instrumentalize the act: “It is now important to approach one another, listen and stand together against all forms of violence.”

Farewell letter found

The investigators had found a farewell letter from the father in the house. In it, the vocational school teacher announced that he was concerned about being arrested because he had had his wife’s vaccination certificate forged. He also feared that the children would be taken away from him. Prosecutor Bantleon had described these ideas of the man as “completely wrong”. The 40-year-old was neither known to the police, nor was the family noticed by the youth welfare office. “A prison sentence for a first-time offender is completely unthinkable. Likewise the removal of the children, ”said Bantleon.

The woman’s employer, the Technical University of Wildau, had set a deadline for her to comment on her vaccination certificate, according to dpa information, after discrepancies were noticed. The university also commemorated the killed employee on its website: “We are losing a long-standing, highly valued colleague. Your cheerful manner will always stay in our memory. ”Dpa

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