NewsKilled Sex Worker - Second Suspect captured

Killed Sex Worker – Second Suspect captured

A 53-year-old sex worker was found dead in her apartment in Hanover. Two men are suspected of having committed the crime together.

Hanover – In the case of the sex worker from Hanover who was killed, the investigators caught a second suspect. The 35-year-old was arrested in the Hildesheim area, said the police and public prosecutor in Hanover.

The 53-year-old was discovered lifeless and tied up in her apartment in the Stöcken district on September 19. There she had worked as a prostitute. A 25-year-old suspect is already in custody. The Iraqi is accused of manslaughter.

The accused admitted to having been at the scene at the time of the crime, said a spokesman for the prosecutor. According to his own account, however, he was not in the woman’s apartment because no one had opened it for him. According to the authorities, DNA traces of the 25-year-old were found in the apartment.

Both men are said to have committed the crime together. The 35-year-old initially denied having anything to do with the crime. He is to be brought before the judge on Wednesday. Then the investigators want to announce further details.

In the case, a data carrier sniffer was also used to find the SIM card of the cell phone that the 25-year-old claims to have thrown away. However, the dog did not discover the card in the place described by the man, as the spokesman said. dpa

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