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KLIA2 Airport Terminal in Kuala Lumpur

The KLIA2 airport terminal in Kuala Lumpur was officially opened on May 2, 2014, to replace the former LCCT (Low-Cost Transportation Terminal) as the hub for Air Asia and other low-cost airlines in Asia.

Built at a cost of more than US $ 1.3 billion, the terminal addition is modern, efficient, and can handle 45 million passengers a year with room to grow when needed. KLIA2 is the largest terminal of its kind in the world dedicated as a hub for “budget” airlines. The 68 boarding gates handle domestic and international flights that better connect Asia and the world.

Although KLIA2 is practically an independent airport, and a shopping center in its own right, it is considered a terminal addition to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, located just over a mile away.

About the KLIA2 terminal

Is this a mall or an airport? Without occasional clues, such as “Departures” signs and businessmen rushing toward them, you will hardly notice a difference. Like Singapore’s Changi Airport, KLIA2 successfully clears the line between the mall and the transportation hub with Gateway @ KLIA2: 350,000 square feet spread over four floors of shops and restaurants. There are many options to keep you busy between flights.

Rather than adding them later as an afterthought, the KLIA2 terminal has more facilities to make it easier for passengers to travel. Six information desks and a generous number of interactive kiosks provide information. The terminal is primarily intuitive to navigate with easy to read signs and walk time indicators to help you know whether or not you should start running!

ATMs and currency exchange counters are available throughout the terminal. Mobile phone stores that sell local SIM cards help you configure your smartphone for Asia.

Arrivals enter level 2; departures, both national and international, depart from Level 3. The inclined escalators accommodate luggage carts; Elevators are available. Each part of the terminal is accessible by wheelchair.

Tip: The gate and transit areas are much smaller and you have far fewer options once you pass the check-in counters. If you have a lot of time to kill between flights, do it in the Gateway (public mall) portion of the airport. If you have a very long layover before moving to another location, go ahead and go through immigration to take advantage of the rest of the airport.

Where is KLIA2?

The KLIA2 terminal is 2 km from the main Kuala Lumpur International Airport, about 10 miles from the old LCCT that it replaced.

KLIA2 can be accessed by any of the public transportation options available to reach KLIA’s main facilities: bus, train (Express Rail Link), and taxi. A taxi from the city takes about 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Tip: Cheapest buses to KLIA2 are sold at a curbside kiosk in Jalan Tun Perak, just behind the Mydin hypermarket (opposite the interchange from the old Puduraya bus station) on the outskirts of Chinatown. Buses leave from there too. You will have to arrive early; Buses sometimes leave early!

The official address of KLIA2:

KLIA2 terminal
KL Aeropuerto International
Jalan KLIA 2/1, 64000 KLIA
Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Check your entry!

With the addition of the KLIA2 terminal, you will need to check your ticket carefully to make sure you are going to the correct terminal for departures. If you are unsure, please allow an additional 30 minutes to get from one terminal to another.

Look for the appropriate codes on your ticket:

  • KUL M – Your flight departs from KLIA’s main facility
  • KUL 2: your flight departs from KLIA2

How to get between KLIA2 and KLIA main terminal

Free shuttle buses run between KLIA and KLIA2 every 10 minutes, throughout the day. The trip can take 25 minutes, depending on the direction of the ferry you take.

If you ended up in the wrong terminal for your flight, the train is the fastest option to get in a rush between KLIA2 and the main airport. Both the KLIA Transit train (every 20 minutes) and the KLIA Ekspres train take only about three minutes once underway. Tickets are available for RM2 at the Transportation Center on Level 2 in the Gateway area.

Departing from KLIA2 to Kuala Lumpur

  • By Taxi: Taxis, based on coupons and meters, are the easiest and most expensive way to get from KLIA2 to the city. Slightly more expensive coupon-based taxis are priced at a fixed price, regardless of traffic or time required. Tickets are available at Arrivals on Level 2.
  • By train KLIA Ekspres Both trains (about 33 minutes) and KLIA Transit (about 39 minutes) ranging from KLIA2 to KL Sentral, the main railway station in Kuala Lumpur. The cheapest and slowest KTM Komuter train does not have a direct connection to KLIA2, however there are shuttle buses to the airport from Nilai Komuter station not far away.
  • By bus: buses, the cheapest option to get to the city, run between KLIA2 and the city. You can get to Kuala Lumpur for as cheap as RM10. Buses go as far away as Malacca and Ipoh; There is no need to stop or change buses in Kuala Lumpur. Plan around 75 minutes to get to Kuala Lumpur, depending on traffic.

The bus and taxi ticketing counters are inside the Transportation Center on Level 1. Beware of “unscrupulous” unlicensed taxi drivers who stop at exits to catch tourists. There are enough options to get from KLIA2 to Kuala Lumpur that you shouldn’t have to deal with them.

Wi-Fi gratuito en KLIA2

Free Wi-Fi can be enjoyed throughout KLIA2, both at the main airport and at the boarding gates. Speeds range from frustrating to decent. The official SSID for the airport is “gateway @ klia2”.

Free access is restricted to one hour at a time, and video streaming is restricted / prohibited. Beware of unauthorized access points that may attempt to intercept personal information.

Smoking area in KLIA2

There are no smoking areas within the Gateway portion of the airport, however there are several designated areas just outside. Smoking rooms are available at the boarding docks (J, K, P and Q).

KLIA2 Restaurants

You’ll find McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Subway, and all the usual fast food options at the airport. Yes, there is a Starbucks. For a cheaper, slightly more local experience, check out the huge Quizinn by RASA food court on Level 2. There you will find a wide variety of Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean and Kopitiam foods with prices starting below from US $ 1!

The Be Lohas Organic Cafe on Level 2 is an ideal choice for healthy meals and vegetarian options.

Other useful facilities

  • Relaxation Room: If you don’t mind sitting on the floor or in one of the ball-shaped chairs, the relaxation room on level 3 near the elevators is a great place to spend time between flights. Additional passenger seating is available in the Satellite Building on Level 2.
  • Movie and Sports Lounges: Both can be found in the Satellite Building on Level 2.
  • Storage Locker Services: The left luggage service for KLIA2 is located in the Domestic Arrivals area on Level 2.
  • Supermarket – A sizeable supermarket on Level 1 has the best deals for buying your own water, drinks, fruits and snacks. They will even prepare your groceries to order on a small kitchen counter inside!
  • Shower Facilities: Showers can be paid for for a fee at the Sama-Sama Express Hotel, the Capsule by Container Hotel, and the Plaza Premium Lounge. The Capsule by Container Hotel is located on Level 1 in the Gateway area of the airport. The most exclusive Sama-Sama Express Hotel is on Level 3.
  • Naps: If taking a nap on the floor sounds less than civilized, consider paying by the hour at the Capsule by Container hotel on level 1.
  • Airport Hotel – If you have a layover long enough to deserve a real shuteye, consider the Sama-Sama Express on Level 3. Passengers don’t have to go through immigration or customs to spend the night there.
  • Business Centers: If you consider yourself a “Commercially Important Person”, please go to the CIP rooms located on Level 3 in the Satellite Building or Pier L in Departures. Pay the fee, then do a job.
  • Kid Zone: For travelers with children, the Kid Zone in the Satellite Building on Level 2 has plenty of diversions to keep the layovers from being too miserable.