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Krakow Weather, Events and Tips in August

Pack for summer weather to travel to Krakow during August, but keep in mind that comfortable walking shoes, a light sweater or wrap for cool evenings, and appropriate clothing for nights out are a must.

Weather in August in Krakow

  • Medium temperature: 22 C / 72 F
  • Average High: 27 C / 81 F
  • Low Average: 16 C / 61 F

Enjoy the last month of Krakow with a climate that can last until the 80s.

Find out more about the weather in Krakow.

August Holidays and Events in Krakow

Music in Old Krakow is a festival that presents classical music in the historical places of the city, such as Wawel Castle and famous churches.

The Pierogi Festival features one of Poland’s favorite traditional foods – the dumpling. Sweet or savory, these tasty buttered bites can make a meal on their own or they can accompany other delicious dishes.

The Court Dance Festival takes place in July or August and recalls a time of classical dances of the royal courts.

In August an annual folk art fair is held in the main market square. Hundreds of artisans from Poland and other countries give demonstrations and sell their handicrafts. Music and other entertainment make the atmosphere of the fair even more lively.

Tips for traveling to Krakow in August

  • August is a great month to really get a taste of Polish traditions. Even if you miss the Pierogi Festival or the Folk Art Fair, you can still try traditional Polish dishes in Krakow restaurants and buy handmade souvenirs at the Cloth Hall.

Book flights and hotels for Krakow in August

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