SportLa Cartuja vibrated again with the anthem of Spain

La Cartuja vibrated again with the anthem of Spain

The Estadio de La Cartuja vibrated when they sounded the chords of the anthem of Spain. Thousands of fans supported a Spanish team that needs to beat Poland on the second day of the Eurocup group stage. Everything that is not adding the three points will complicate the future of Luis Enrique's men in the tournament.

Kozlov wins by surprise almost without being able to move… and ends up apologizing...

Koslov, while training with Nadal, was invited to play in Acapulco after an injury, traveled immediately and beat Dimitrov.

Nadal has no doubts and chooses the tennis player who will take number one...

Rafa Nadal talks about the future of tennis and chooses Medvedev as the tennis player who will end up taking his number from him, Djokovic and Federer.

New Nikita Mazepin scandal: he fights with the 'gorillas' and they kick him out...

Nikita Mazepin is once again in the news for another extra-sporting episode that does not leave the Russian Formula 1 driver in a good place.

Luis Enrique: The decisions you must make before the Qatar World Cup

Knowing what to do with Ramos, propping up the defense, the forward, the goal and Ansu Fati are decisions that Luis Enrique will have to tackle.

Dani Olmo, on the radar of the greats

Dani Olmo was unmarked with a huge performance against Italy, which has made him one of the leading players for Spain in the European Championship.