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Lady Di: A piece of her wedding cake with Carlos of England is auctioned

July 29 is a date that fans of the Royal Family can hardly forget: it is the day on which the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana was celebrated . It was in 1981 that the couple made their triumphal entry into London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral and, although their story came to a sad end 15 years later, long before the late princess’s death, it remains an iconic moment in the world. history of the English monarchy. It is not surprising, therefore, that to celebrate the 40th anniversary an initiative has been launched that will drive collectors crazy: next August a piece of the wedding cake for that special day will be auctioned.

A piece of cake from Lady Di’s 40-year-old wedding goes up for auction

In any Royal Wedding worth its salt, the details are treated in a special way and since it was one of the most anticipated royal weddings, it seems that someone had the “idea” to keep a piece of Carlos and Diana’s wedding cake as a souvenir And who was that person? Well, nothing more and nothing less than Moyra Smuth, an employee at Clarence House, who at that time received it as a gift from the Queen Mother of whom she was an assistant.

All these years the woman had kept the piece of cake in a tin box in which she had added a card on which she wrote ‘Handle it with care. Wedding cake of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. MC Smith, 7/29/81 ‘.

And what was the wedding cake of the two princes like? It was made of icing and marzipan and decorated with a royal coat of arms in red, blue, and gold. Obviously, the piece has lost all kinds of color or texture when it was made, but there are already many who have shown interest in getting it.

The menu and program for the royal wedding are also up for auction.

In this way, and on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Carlo and Diana, we return to talk about that piece of cake. But the truth is that Smuth is not the one who puts it up for auction. In fact, she already sold it in 2008 to a collector and it is the latter who has put it up for auction now. The date to remember is August 11, when the piece of wedding cake will be auctioned by the Dominic Winter auction house in Cirencester , southern England. Those who win the coveted “trophy” will also get a copy of the Royal Wedding program and a printout of the breakfast menu from the wedding that followed at Buckingham Palace. What is the value of the “package”? It starts at £ 500 (less than € 600), although it is likely to sell for a much higher value .

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