FunLeroy Merlin alerts of a scam in his name

Leroy Merlin alerts of a scam in his name

This Friday, October 8, 2021, Leroy Merlin published on his official Twitter account a message alerted to a phishing scam in his name : «#LeroyMerlin wants to state that he is not making any communication via email, so it is oblivious to this type of messages that some of our clients are receiving » .

As the company indicates, hackers send users an email informing them of the order confirmation with the following body of text:

«Dear customer, thank you very much for your order. Enclosed you will find our confirmation.

All the best.

Theresa Martin Conde

Leroy Merlin Spain

Customer Relationship Leader

Huelva »

If you have not made any purchase in the Leroy Merlin online store and, therefore, you are not waiting for an order, you will surely delete the e-mail as soon as you read it. However, if you are awaiting confirmation, it is very easy to fall into the trap .

Attached to the email is a file that, supposedly, is the order confirmation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Leroy Merlin does not give more information about it, but in the vast majority of cases, hackers use these malicious files so that, when users download them, they infect computers and / or mobile devices with viruses .

Tips to avoid phishing attacks

Phishing is the technique most used today by cybercriminals around the world. It is about tricking users into stealing personal and / or banking data, as well as infecting their computers .

It is important to learn to identify suspicious emails because they are the entry point for this type of attack: they use names and adopt the image of real companies, carry the name of a company employee as sender and include websites that are visually exactly the same. to those of real companies.

You should never click on the links that are attached to the email because they lead to a fraudulent website. Nor should you download suspicious files, such as the scam on behalf of Leroy Merlin.

And finally, it is important to keep your operating system and antivirus up to date .

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