LivingLetter for my daughter, on International Women's Day

Letter for my daughter, on International Women's Day

Since 1975, every March 8th International Women’s Day is commemorated, which more than a celebration, is a reminder that invites us to reflect on the struggle that women have made for their participation in society .

The fight continues for women and girls around the world. For this reason, and thinking about the future of these little girls, today I write a letter for my daughter (and everyone’s), on International Women’s Day .

Letter for my daughter, on International Women’s Day

Dear daughter,

When I knew you were on your way, my heart filled with joy. When I found out that you would be a woman, my joy increased, but I also felt a little fear. Because although being a woman is something incredible and wonderful, things are not always easy for us .

I do not want you to fear or think that just because you are a woman you are going to suffer or fight more. But historically, women have had to fight with greater strength, energy and will to be able to have and exercise our rights.

Therefore, I want to raise you and educate you to be a strong and courageous woman. May you have the impulse to follow your dreams, that you do not allow them to collapse easily and that you do not lose hope that one day you will be able to achieve everything you set your mind to .

Although today there are greater spaces in society for women, there are still many territories that we have not been able to enter, and there are still some stereotypes to break down .

You have come into the world at a time that can change everything, but requires that we still fight on. I promise to fight for you, and for all the girls in the world . Because they deserve to live in a world where equality exists. They deserve to live in a world free of violence.

Change has been slow and to date no country has truly achieved gender equality. But with all the movements that currently exist, let’s hope that by the day you are an adult, this will be a reality.

I want to ask you, never allow anyone to make you feel less just for being a woman. That if someone tells you that you can’t, show them that you can with that and more. There should be no room or opportunity for abuse, mistreatment, or teasing because of your gender. Raise your voice, stand up for yourself. Don’t make yourself small just for the comfort of others.

Violence is not something we preach at home, and I am totally against it. But if you need to defend yourself, I will teach you to do it and I want you to do it when you see yourself in situations that require it. Don’t be afraid to set limits on what you want or don’t want.

And on this same topic, I want to tell you that no one, absolutely no one can or should force you to do things that you do not want. I know that in the world there are people with bad intentions, but that is why we are fighting right now. For that freedom and tranquility that our daughters deserve.

Being a woman is, at least for me, something that I would not change for anything in the world, even though I have been violated, I have wanted to be silenced and I have had personal, academic and work disadvantages compared to my colleagues. None of this has made me or will make me give up.

We will continue in the fight. We will continue to seek fair and dignified spaces for ourselves. We will continue to march, shouting and demanding, until finally, we achieve equality, peace and freedom for all. For you, and for all those girls who tomorrow will be adult women.

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