AutoLexus discovers the benefits of dancing

Lexus discovers the benefits of dancing

It is still too early to know the extent, emotional and social, of the pandemic . The numbers go down and the restrictions are relaxed while a kind of normalcy returns, marked by the footprint of the covid-19. All of this has affected not only our families, but also the way we interact, buy and understand the world. This has been collected from Lexus with the support of WGSN, in charge of examining the trends and behaviors that we have been acquiring throughout these months. A time in which the life experience has come to the fore, either digitally or in person. Essential information for Toyota’s premium firm, which aims to tailor its launches to the true needs of its buyer. A user who, as extracted from the study ‘The Art of Feeling More’, should dance to benefit from a general well-being . That is what Oleg Ivenko , principal dancer at the Tatar State Academy Opera and Ballet Theater, defends, one of the four trendsetters that Lexus has entrusted with its vision of the future.

As we emerge from this strange period, marked by regulation and limited freedoms, we must find a way to have fun again. Dancing, without a doubt, can be part of that reconnection with the previous life. This dancer, winner of the prestigious Positano Awards Léonide Massine Dance, defends his profession beyond competition. As Ivenko describes: “We are witnessing a rebirth of amateur ballet due to the interest it arouses, as more and more people know that dance improves physical condition. Moving the body helps release negative thoughts and improves the general state of your mental health . It is a training for the mind as well as for the body and the soul ”.

Human connection

Physical and emotional connections are essential for the human being. A thread that not only unites people, it can also be created with objects or cars , since they become very important entities for our day-to-day lives or hobbies. In that sense, the Lexus NX has been developed to offer pure and almost natural driving sensations, with tailor-made handling thanks to its steering wheel and ergonomic brake pedals. As the firm ensures, the Lexus Driving Signature is capable of generating a unique experience for the driver, since their orders will be received in a fluid manner and with hardly any transitions through the hybrid road.

Something similar happens between dancers. His steps seem camouflaged, after hours of training and preparation. Dance, as explained from the studio ‘The Art of Feeling More’, requires a lot of our brain, since it combines vision, rhythm, balance and coordination in the same body. But not only that, it is a vital act for society. The professor of Archeology at the University of Reading, Steven J. Mithen, assures that: ” Dance and music became an essential tool of social interaction at the moment in which humans learned to walk and speak.” In addition, it brings us happiness, joy and stimulation, something very similar to what we achieve by meditating but with the physical well-being that this implies.

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