AutoLexus makes you vibrate with the Davis Cup

Lexus makes you vibrate with the Davis Cup

Covid-19 was still distant news when the first edition of the Davis Cup Finals 2019 in Madrid was held. In 2021, the capital will once again host the competition thanks to the support of the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council, but also the involvement of essential partners such as Lexus. A couple of years ago the self-recharging hybrids of the Japanese firm served the needs of the competition, as the official vehicle of the cup with special mention of the Lexus NX. A collaboration that will become a reality again in 2021, with a fleet of 85 vehicles, of which 35 will circulate in Madrid and another 25 will be combined in Innsbruck and Turin. These hybrids are in charge of moving all the members of the 18 international teams , in addition to the authorities and VIPs among others, during the crossings of the group and quarter-group stage, semifinals and final.

But it doesn’t stop there, Lexus also offers tennis fans endless immersive and innovative experiences on the occasion of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals. Toyota’s premium firm uses the most advanced augmented reality in the Magic Davis Cup Lexus experience , which will allow you to play virtual games as part of the deal. A meaningful association due to the relevance of both projects, despite their differences, achieving a genuine synergy through the unforgettable experiences produced by the matches and the leadership itself.

Toyota’s premium firm started the first pages of its history in 1989 with the aim of ‘improving the best car in the world’, as we tell you in this article on its 30th anniversary. Today, Lexus can earn the medal of being the first premium manufacturer to offer self- charging hybrids, with a full range present in the successful segments: LC 500h, LS 500h, RX 450h, RX 450h L, ES 300h, UX 250h, UX 300e, and the new NX 350h and NX 450h + plug-in hybrid . Models that have, in turn, with the Lexus Relax that extends the warranty to 10 years as a sign of the firm’s confidence in the reliability of its product.

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