AutoLexus Safe Exit Assist, a world first

Lexus Safe Exit Assist, a world first

Safe Exit Assist is a new Lexus safety feature designed to help prevent accidents caused by vehicle doors opening when bicyclists or other vehicles pass. These types of accidents are quite common , when the driver or an occupant of a vehicle opens the door and invades the path of a cyclist coming from behind.

Lexus has helped prevent this problem with world-unprecedented technology that can prevent a door from opening if there is a risk of an accident. Safe Exit Assist technology combines the new e-Latch electronic door opening system with Blind Spot Detection System (BSM) sensors mounted on the rear of the vehicle. These sensors detect cyclists or other road users, warn the driver or occupants with warning lights in the exterior mirrors and instrument panel, and disable the e-Latch opening system. The technology debuted in the new Lexus NX mid-size SUV, as well as the new RZ and all new fifth-generation RX models.

The Safe Exit Assistant is one element of the comprehensive safety features that Lexus is installing in its vehicles to prevent accidents involving cyclists – and other road users, including pedestrians – in its quest to reduce zero traffic accidents, injuries and victims. For example, the Lexus Safety System + package, fitted as standard on all new Lexus models, includes a Pre-Crash Safety System that can detect the risk of a collision with a cyclist in front during the day. The new Intersection Turn Assist feature also warns if a cyclist crosses the path of the vehicle when turning left or right at an intersection.

Lexus Safety System + is a safety package that will integrate a set of both active and passive safety systems and that the brand has been gradually incorporating into all its Lexus vehicles. It encompasses the PCS systems, which also includes a pedestrian detector, uses a millimeter wave radar and a camera installed on the windshield that detects pedestrians, this perfect combination helps reduce pedestrian injuries.

Also the Lane Departure Alert, which uses a second camera installed in the vehicle capable of interpreting the lines painted on the road (white and yellow). If the vehicle initiates an unintentional lane departure manoeuvre, the LDA system alerts the driver audibly and visually, along with a small vibration in the steering wheel. Those Lexus vehicles in which the LKA system is also equipped, the assisted steering will be partially intervened by the vehicle to help the driver to stay in the lane and not leave it.

The AHB (Automatic High Beam) system helps to significantly increase vision during night driving. In this case, a third camera installed in the headlights is capable of detecting both the light beams of vehicles traveling in the opposite direction and the rear reflectors of vehicles ahead of us. With this information, the system is capable of automatically alternating the high beams with the short ones so as not to dazzle other drivers.

Also, when driving on motorways or dual carriageways, the ACC system uses millimeter wave radar to detect vehicles ahead and the speed at which they are traveling. The ACC system allows, automatically, to establish the safety distance between the vehicles that precede us and maintain a constant speed by using the accelerator or the brakes as needed.

And, finally, the Road Sign Assist, which through another camera installed on the front of the vehicle, is capable of recognizing the speed limits of the road on which it is circulating, other traffic signs and displaying them both on the central display of the vehicle. vehicle.

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