AutoLexus UX Sticker Bomb: urban and daring inspiration

Lexus UX Sticker Bomb: urban and daring inspiration

The innovative and avant-garde spirit of a firm cannot be seen only in its vehicles, it must be transmitted in every aspect of its communication. In order to emphasize the urban character of the Lexus UX, the firm in Spain has launched a special and unique model full of stickers that are part of history, society and the characters that have shaped our lives. Its name “UX Sticker Bomb” clearly reflects the first impact generated by seeing the sophisticated and modern bodywork of the Japanese SUV full of colors of all kinds. This launch, which is part of the works framed in the Art Car Project, adds more than 3,457 stickers throughout the body with the intention of reflecting past and present influences.

Respect for heritage is one of the elements that most characterizes Lexus, a firm launched in 1989 with the aim of creating the best car in the world. To do this, they were the first to apply Toyota’s knowledge in the premium SUV segment, developing Lexus Hybrid Drive technology focused on the customer experience. Today, this brand has managed to be present on our streets with a wide range of models: LC 500h, LS 500h, RX 450h, RX 450h L, ES 300h, UX 250h, UX 300e, and the new NX 350h and the NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid . In addition, his involvement with the sport has led us to give you a special follow-up of the last Davis Cup.

art is life

However, art is another area in which Lexus is always present. His obsession with design may be one of the causes, as well as the need to unite his vision with excellence and effort. With this objective, the Spanish subsidiary has launched the Art Car Project , which has great professionals and promises of creation. This work is an example of this, given that it is inspired by past and present influences, moments, places and personalities that are part of our cultural legacy.

It is the first work created on a Lexus UX that involves contemporary art, more urban and linked to current trends that make visual beauty possible beyond its time or location. The creator of this decoration has been based on the manual work of the Takumi masters, those in charge of shaping the Japanese bodies as we have explained in articles about their aesthetic evolution .

Explosion of colors

Manual customization in the style of “Sticker Bomb”, which is a form of expression of street art, has given rise to the technique of bombing stickers or stickers . We’ve seen it on special edition scooters, laptops, and even full facades in some cities. Urban art considers it as an alternative to conventional graffiti, from which it started in the 80’s in the United States. It may seem exaggerated to talk about art in this sense, since we have all filled our devices and even motorcycles with stickers throughout our youth. It was the most democratic customization mode in existence and now, with this UX, it becomes a global trend .

In this case, the chosen Lexus UX has been dressed with more than 3,457 stickers that cover all kinds of themes, eras, colors and areas . We can see some that refer to pop music groups, rock, television programs or series, Japanese anime and even icons of Japanese culture such as Mount Fuji or origami. All this without forgetting the international character of the model, with the presence of protagonists of sports such as Hockey or Rugby, in addition to its history as a manufacturer with bodies of previous and current models.

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