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Lotto company is giving away 2 million tickets to people vaccinated against corona

The lottery company Lotto24 would like to support the nationwide corona vaccination campaign and is promising people willing to vaccinate a free ticket.

Kassel – Lotto24 AG is giving away two million lottery tickets to Corona * vaccinated people under the motto “#geimpftgewinnt”. With this, those responsible at the company want to support the federal government’s vaccination campaign, according to a statement on Wednesday (25.08.2021).

The possible main prize is impressive: 250,000 euros immediately plus an additional 5000 euros per month for the following 15 years. In total, the lucky winner would receive over one million euros. The highlight: The chance of winning in the “Impflotterie” is 21 times higher than in the normal lottery * game.

Um die Corona-Impfkampagne anzukurbeln, verschenkt das Lotto-Unternehmen Lotto24 jetzt gratis Lose an Impfwillige.


In order to stimulate the corona vaccination campaign, the lottery company Lotto24 is now giving away free tickets to those willing to vaccinate.

Lotto gifts are “another incentive” for corona vaccination

“We all want the same thing in Germany: a winter without restrictions and a safe everyday life with friends and family,” says Marianna Herno, campaign manager for the lottery company. The aim is to create “another incentive” for corona vaccination with the campaign, since, according to a survey, “a quarter of the unvaccinated people questioned are simply indecisive”, Herno continues.

Lotto24 AG
Head office: Hamburg
Founding: 2010
Sales: 44.1 million euros (as of 2019)
Number of employees 119 (as of 2019)

Corona vaccinated people receive a free ticket – the chance of winning about 21 times higher than with Lotto 6aus49

The campaign started on Wednesday (08/25/2021) and ends on 09/30/2021. The tickets are distributed via the Lotto24 portal, and the tickets entitle the holder to participate in the “Freiheit +” social lottery. 7 out of 35 possible fields have to be typed correctly. The chance of winning is about 21 times higher than the jackpot at Lotto 6aus49. The lottery takes place every Monday at 6 p.m. Last year, too, a woman played the lottery because of Corona – and suddenly became a millionaire.

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Anyone who is vaccinated or who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus at least once by 30.09.2021 at the latest can participate in the “vaccination lottery”. Whoever wins must present a corresponding Covid-19 vaccination certificate. In addition, the majority of the participants and a place of residence in Germany are further requirements. (Nail Akkoyun) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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