EconomyFinancialLP Gas: price rises in CDMX and Edomex

LP Gas: price rises in CDMX and Edomex

which entered into force on January 23 and will run until the next 29 of the month, and which represents an increase of 44 cents to the consumer.

In the 16 municipalities of Mexico City, the price per kilogram, in the case of cylinders, will be 22.22 pesos, while stationary tanks will be 12.00 pesos per liter.

In the State of Mexico, the maximum average price in the four zones into which the entity was divided is 21.65 pesos per kilogram, while a week before the maximum price was 21.16 pesos.

In some municipalities of the State of Mexico –such as Texcoco, Tepotzotlán and Chalco– the maximum price per kilogram is 22.22 pesos, and 12.00 pesos per liter. While in other municipalities such as Atizapán, Temoaya and Tenango del Valle the maximum price per kilogram is 21.12 pesos, and 11.40 pesos per liter.

The highest maximum price of LP gas in the entire Mexican Republic is 25.94 pesos per kilogram , in the case of metal cylinders, and 14.01 per liter for stationary tanks, which will govern in the municipalities of San Quintín in Baja California and Mulegé in Baja California Sur.

The lowest price is reported in some municipalities of the state of Sonora such as San Luis Río Colorado, Agua Prieta, Cananea, with 20.38 pesos per kilo and 11.01 pesos per liter .

In Monterrey and several municipalities of Nuevo León, the maximum price per kilo will be 25.05 pesos and 13.53 per liter. In Guadalajara, Jalisco, at 22.49 pesos and per liter at 12.15 pesos.

According to the CRE, the regulation of maximum prices for LP gas is aimed at protecting end users, promoting an efficient supply of LP gas at affordable prices, avoiding undue discrimination, reflecting gas market conditions in prices LP and fuel demand, as well as obtaining a margin that allows the recovery of costs from LP Gas marketers, distributors and dispensers for the development of the industry.

In this sense, each region has a maximum price applicable to the sale of LP gas to the end user and its differentiation is based on the sales costs associated with each region.

The determination of maximum prices takes into account parameters of efficiency and costs of each type of plant, profitability of distribution, cost of taxes, technological efficiency and characteristics of each region, among other criteria.

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