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Luca Loutebanch: Big Brands Fight Over Swiss Fan Who Goes Viral | Eurocup

Luca Loutenbach has become quite a celebrity in Switzerland. His suffering and his expressions during the Switzerland – France round of 16 have not gone unnoticed. He went from crying with 3-2 to absolute happiness with the tie at three and madness with the subsequent victory in the penalty shootout. His passion for Swiss selection has made him an object of desire for large companies . They all stick for using you as your brand image.

This Swiss fan does not stop receiving offers and he, for the moment, is accepting them all. Swiss Air was the first to contact him. The main airline of his country has paid for the flight to Saint Petersburg to see the quarterfinal match between Spain and Switzerland this Friday. In addition, he has traveled on business. In this way, Luca will arrive in Russia on the day of the match to be present in the previous one.

Another of the companies that have contacted him has been Red Bull . Luca will attend the match preview loaded with energy drinks. The Austrian company wants to take advantage of its pull to promote its product among fans who attend the crash. This proposal was not the last one received and accepted by the famous Swiss fan who went viral after the victory against France.

Realx trip and image of the Covid-19 vaccine

From the Swiss Tourist Office they have not wanted to be less and have joined the list. After seeing how he suffers watching his team, and the passion with which he lives it, they have promised him a quiet trip to relax and enjoy the summer when the Eurocup ends. The Swiss government has also wanted to take advantage of its pull. The Federal Office of Public Health wants to make you the image of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, with the intention of raising awareness to get vaccinated.

The latest to join this long list has been the Lucera Dairy Plant, EMMI . They have not yet decided how their collaboration will be but they have already contacted Luca to hire him. He may not become a millionaire anyway, but what is certain is that he will enjoy an unforgettable summer, and all for showing his passion during a match for his national team. Let’s hope that this Friday the cameras show Luca Loutenbach with a sad face. That will mean that Spain is in the semi-finals of the Eurocup.

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