NewsLucas Gregorowicz: Testosterone can be a nuisance

Lucas Gregorowicz: Testosterone can be a nuisance

The image of the “typical tough cops” considers “Polizeiruf” actor Lucas Gregorowicz to be outdated. Being a man must become more diverse – and not just on television.

Frankfurt – Actor Lucas Gregorowicz sees a great opportunity for television in the depiction of a new image of men, for example in “Police call 110”.

“Fortunately, today we are forced to overtake our self-image of being a man,” said the 45-year-old of the German Press Agency. Only having a “typical tough cop” identified has long since become obsolete. Television has the opportunity to tell contemporary stories. That’s what interests people today – that’s how the actor, who is investigating as “Polizeiruf” Commissioner Adam Raczek on the German-Polish border, assesses it.

New case with queer investigator

In the new case “Hilde’s legacy” on Sunday at 8:15 p.m. in the first, Commissioner Raczek has a queer investigator at his side for the first time. The character Vincent Ross stands for more diversity and embodies a sensitive commissioner as a counterpart to the “typical cop”, as his actor André Kaczmarczyk sums it up.

Gregorowicz also finds this different perspective on the “man image” important for other reasons. “Testosterone can be a plague with nasty side effects and is responsible for the worst crimes against humanity. From murderous despots to men in golden clothes who have been systematically abusing children for centuries and are hiding behind holy regalia in 2022,” says Gregorowicz. On the other hand, it helps to have had a loving mother. dpa

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