AutoMagic Cup Davis Lexus: the virtual Davis

Magic Cup Davis Lexus: the virtual Davis

The Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2021 started on November 25, with Lexus as the official automotive sponsor of the competition. As part of this sponsorship commitment, Lexus is responsible for the official transportation of players and teams from all 18 countries , making the new Lexus NX the official racing car and ushering in a new chapter for Lexus. But, in addition, this time, Lexus proposes much more. On this occasion, the firm offers tennis and Davis Cup fans innovative immersive experiences , based on the most advanced augmented reality, selected by Bstadium.

And it is that Lexus wants the fans to experience the Davis Cup in two different ways, the real and the virtual. To do this, the manufacturer has anticipated the competition with a series of experiences, such as the Magic Davis Cup Lexus. With it, fans can participate in a fun game on a tennis court and take a picture with the trophy while remembering the best moments of the tournament with a video. The synergy between the two brands allows fans to advance to the start of the Davis Cup through their smartphone wherever they are and, in addition, they can win two tickets to the competition.

Beyond the competition

With the technology and exclusive content of Magic Davis Cup Lexus, it is possible to create, innovate and bring the excitement of tennis to all fans, beyond the competition. This innovation project developed for Lexus with the collaboration of Kosmos, allows to anticipate the event or offer exciting experiences through original custom-created activations.

Users will also have the opportunity to travel with their mobile to see the new Lexus NX, scanning the QR code that they will find in shopping centers, dealerships or on the Magic Davis Cup Lexus website , and thanks to the augmented reality technology provided by Bstadium .

The golden seflie

During this trip, in addition to discovering exclusive content about the tournament, they will be able to participate in three different activities: taking a photo with the Davis Cup trophy so that they feel like real winners, participating in a game of tennis that consists of shooting a ball in the trunk of the new Lexus NX , and watch a video to enjoy the best moments of the last edition of the tournament.

To make matters worse, Lexus has created a fan-focused activation. This is Selfie Stadium , an experience that proposes taking a photo with a Lexus car in order to be the protagonist of the video scoreboard at the Madrid Arena. Once the snapshot is taken, the user will upload it to the Selfie Stadium platform and cross their fingers so that their photo is the selected one. If this is the case, they will get a double ticket to one of the eleven games to be played during the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2021. The winner’s photo will be projected on the stadium’s video scoreboards and on television for the fan to have an experience. unique and can share it with other fans.

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