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Married couple killed – 18 year old suspect turns himself in

Neighbors heard calls for help – and alerted the police: A lifeless couple with stab wounds was found in a cellar in Mistelbach on Sunday. The background and motif are so far unclear.

Mistelbach – An 18-year-old is said to have killed a couple in his house in Bavaria. He turned himself in to the police. What relationship he is with the 47-year-old and the 51-year-old is currently being determined, said a police spokesman on Sunday afternoon.

“He is not the son.” The motive and background of the act are still unclear. The 18-year-old should come before an investigating judge on Monday.

Local residents heard calls for help from the neighboring property in Mistelbach (Upper Franconia) shortly after midnight on Sunday and dialed the emergency call, as announced by the police and the public prosecutor. Rescue workers found the lifeless couple in the basement. Both had stab wounds. A large contingent searched for the suspect before he turned himself in on Sunday morning.

According to initial findings, the 18-year-old had spent the night with the couple. The police spokesman was initially unable to provide any further details. dpa

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