EconomyFinancialMastercard seeks financial inclusion through digitization

Mastercard seeks financial inclusion through digitization

Hottest day of the week: meteorologists warn – heavy thunderstorms will follow at the...

Weather: Midsummer is literally parked in Germany. There is an extreme heat warning in some areas on Thursday – then the thunderstorms come.

Last supermoon of the year shines in the night sky in August 2022

Already in June and around July 2022 the full moon became a super moon. In August 2022 there will be a super moon for the last time this year. When does he shine?

Gigantic bite marks fuel rumors of prehistoric basking sharks – two sightings in a...

Two discoveries were made in Australia and Mexico that could prove the existence of the previously extinct prehistoric basking shark Megalodon.

Newly married and two Oscars – Ben Affleck turns 50

His Hollywood career had many ups and downs, and his love life was also turbulent. At 50, Ben Affleck sees things a little more relaxed - including a happy ending with his wife Jennifer Lopez.

RBB Broadcasting Council advises on the dismissal of Patricia Schlesinger

Today there is an important decision in the case of the resigned ARD boss and RBB director - it is ultimately about the end of her employment. Meanwhile, new allegations have emerged.