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"Matrix" star Keanu Reeves donates 70 percent of his fee

Keanu Reeves is more than successful as the leading role in the “Matrix” films. The Hollywood star is said to have donated 70 percent of the proceeds to cancer research.

USA – The new film “Matrix Resurrections” has been showing in theaters for two weeks. In addition to his leading role as Hacker Neo, Keanu Reeves is also a real hero in real life. According to reports in the New York Post and the Los Angeles Times, the Canadian actor donated 70 percent of his income from the first three “Matrix” films to cancer research.

The reason for this great willingness to donate can be found in his family history. His younger sister Kim fell ill with leukemia in 1991. She fought cancer for more than ten years, which she eventually survived. According to insiders, Reeves is said to have supported his sister during this difficult time. As a result, even the shooting of the first Matrix film, released in 1999, was delayed.

“Matrix” actor Keanu Reeves donates a large part of the film fees to a good cause

Reeves’ fee for the first Matrix movie was $ 10 million. He also secured a ten percent share of the profits from the film. In total, “The Matrix” grossed almost $ 467 million. The cost of production, however, was $ 63 million. Accordingly, the actor received an additional $ 35 million in addition to his fee. According to the online medium LADbible, seventy percent of the money went to cancer research.

But that’s not all – Reeves donated the proceeds from the other “Matrix” films to a good cause. The Canadian actor is said to have received a fee of 15 million US dollars each for “Matrix Reloaded” and “Matrix Revolutions”. In addition, there is a fifteen percent profit share. The second part of the film series grossed a total of almost 742 million dollars, the third part at least 427 million dollars. The cost of producing the two films is estimated at around $ 110 million to $ 150 million.

Donations for cancer research: “Matrix” actor Keanu Reeves has his own foundation

Reeves even set up his own foundation that supports children’s hospitals and cancer research. In 2009 he told about his charity for the first time. At that time he also told why the foundation was not named after himself. “I don’t like to associate my name with it, I just let the foundation do what it does.”

According to inside information, Reeves also received a handsome fee for the latest film. It is estimated at up to $ 14 million. However, due to the corona pandemic and a lending of the film rights to the streaming platform HBO Max, quite as high total income is not to be expected.

But Keanu Reeves * does not only contribute with his film earnings. During the corona pandemic, according to Der Spiegel, he auctioned a zoom date with himself. A woman paid an impressive 19,000 US dollars for it. Reeves donated this amount to a summer program for children with cancer. (Luisa Ebbrecht) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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