AutoMazda: a firm that conquers and protects you

Mazda: a firm that conquers and protects you

The planet has been paralyzed by the impact of the coronavirus. To a greater or lesser extent, European citizens have locked themselves in their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Three months have passed since the news turned into a terrible victim update. The names after the numbers are shortened and, with that rueful relief, the new normal begins. The roads fill up again and another scourge reappears: traffic accidents. The main cause of death in young people and responsible for the death of more than 1 million people a year around the world according to the WHO. Mazda has embraced safety as one of its fundamental pillars, placing its models among the best according to the ranking of the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program) tests.

Technological advances in the automobile sector, the correct maintenance of infrastructures and the involvement of drivers have been key to reducing a shocking figure in the nineties. Euro NCAP tests evaluated 55 cars in 2019, including the Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30. They both hit the chest with a five-star rating and near-perfect percentages in the adult occupant section. Both the Mazda3 and the CX-30 managed to be the second safest model, in the compact and compact SUV segment. A crash test passed by the Mazda6 last 2019 and that has the approval of European countries and manufacturers.

Safe and beautiful

The Mazda CX-30 received notable scores in all Euro NCAP categories: adult occupants, child occupants, vulnerable users (pedestrians) and safety assistance. What’s more, in the first category it got a 99% rating . In this section, the protection of larger bodies is studied through a frontal collision and side impacts against a barrier and a post. The Mazda3 is also not far behind with a 98% valuation. As for child occupants, the CX-30 achieved 86% protection and the compact surpassed it with an 87% score. Both offer a reliable child restraint system, both in frontal impact and in side impacts.

The euro NCAP tests also take into account the rest of the occupants of the road. The vulnerable road users test, focused on the impact against a pedestrian, studies the damage to the legs and pelvis of the victim. The CX-30 achieved an 80% score and the Mazda3 settled for an 81% , surpassed by the Mercedes-Benz CLA. Of course, the Japanese model won the award for the most beautiful car.

The systems involved

Traffic accidents are still present in our day to day. The situation has improved a lot but we still ask our loved ones to drive carefully. In 2019, 1,098 people died on Spanish roads , a record low despite a 2.5% increase in trips and a 2.2% increase in the number of vehicles. Social and technological advances have reduced victims by 57.5% between 2001 and 2017, a figure that will continue to improve with the appearance of new driving assistance and safety systems (ADAS). Mazda models are highly rated by three factors: their platform, i-Activsense safety equipment, and pedestrian protection.

Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture technology has improved the rigidity of Japanese models, without affecting their data on the scale. In this way, thanks to the new platform, Mazda models are able to absorb shocks without losing poise while driving. In the i-Activsense driver assistance and safety systems package, the Brake Assist stands out, a system that prevented all low-speed collisions during Euro NCAPs.

Most awarded brand by IIHS

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) would be a test similar to the Euro NCAP but in the United States. This institute awards ratings to vehicles registered in the country and awards prizes to the safest models. The Mazda3, Mazda6, Mazda CX-3 and CX-5 have been awarded in the Top Safety Pick + 2020 edition, placing the brand as a benchmark on North American soil by achieving a greater number of ratings in the same year.

The tests passed by the Mazda have been: front coke with overlap of 40%, frontal impact with overlap of 25% on both sides, side impact, resistance of the roof and action of the headrests and seats. Jeff Guyton, President of Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) commented during the handover: “At Mazda we have set out to offer the most advanced safety technologies, so that our customers have a more pleasant and safe driving experience .”

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