AutoMazda MX-30: the vehicle that recycles plastic

Mazda MX-30: the vehicle that recycles plastic

Mazda completes its transition to electrification with the launch of its first 100% zero-emission model: the Mazda MX-30 . This compact SUV should make its appearance during the second half of 2020, as long as the coronavirus has not affected its manufacturing and marketing plan. The most notable of its peculiarities is the absence of the central pillar and the opening, upside down, of the rear doors. As a curiosity, this futuristic mechanism is called the suicide door and was used in the first Fiat 600. However, there is a more important detail for the firm: sustainability. Mazda has been dedicated to recycling plastics and taking advantage of decommissioned vehicles for more than three decades. With the launch of the MX-30 they wanted to go one step further, using recycled PET bottles to manufacture the upholstery fabric.

This textile, used in the upper section of the doors of the new MX-30, is not the only avant-garde resource of the firm. Mazda developed a high-quality bioplastic in 2015 , first fitted to the MX-5. A material that is used in the front and rear doors of this new urban SUV. In addition, the Premium Vintage semi-leather that appears on the seats achieves a classic leather texture thanks to the use of water and silicone during its manufacture.

The concept of climate emergency has been with us for a few years. The critical situation on our planet has taken center stage, becoming an essential concept in political programs across Europe . Recycling and reuse is the first step towards sustainability, a process Mazda recognized three decades ago. In 1992 it was the first manufacturer to recycle bumpers , used to create pens or new interior parts for production models. A process that improved until they could be reused in the reinforcement of bumpers, back in 2001, and transformed into completely new parts in 2007. In 2011 Mazda had the technology to reconvert these plastics into resin for new bumpers, a system that was released in the Mazda Biante.

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