AutoMenorca and Huelva, perfect destinations for the Jeep 4xe...

Menorca and Huelva, perfect destinations for the Jeep 4xe range

With a distance of 46 kilometers between Ciutadella and Maó, its two large cities located on each end of the island, Menorca has the perfect dimensions to make the most of the performance of the 100% electric mode of the Jeep 4xe range. The rugged relief of its interior and its coast full of small coves are the extra incentive to live unforgettable adventures this summer. Inquiring into the most remote past of Menorca is an invitation to mystery and adventure . More than 1,500 years ago, the Talayotic civilization arose on the island, which takes its name from its characteristic stone constructions, the Talayots, with defensive functions. They are also the authors of megalithic religious monuments such as navetas or taulas, shaped like a ‘T’.

As a starting point to understand this culture and its legacy, the Menorca Museum in Maó offers an excellent immersion in the way of life of these original inhabitants of the island. Leaving the Me-1, the road that crosses the island through the center, we reach the Alaior ring road from which we take the Son Bou road that takes us, taking a detour towards Camí de Llucalari, to the Torre d’En Galmés, one of the most complete remains of this lost civilization. You can see several houses, water channels, defense talayots and a spectacular hypostyle hall. Returning to the Me-1 we reach the Son Camps path that will lead us to the town of Torrefullada, with an impressive talayot and a set of taula. Two steps away is the Torretrencada site. On the outskirts of Ciutadella is the Naveta de Tudons, built in 1400 BC. It is considered one of the most outstanding monuments of European prehistory.

An excellent epilogue to this trip to the past is to visit the historic center of Ciutadella. With a typical Mediterranean air, it is worth stopping at the Plaza del Born, at the Cathedral of Santa María, from the 14th century, the Patio del Bisbe or the picturesque Ses Voltes arcaded street.

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