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Mexico in the world | Summit 2022 Expansion

Nobel Prize in Physics 2022: Who will receive the prestigious prize? Scientists from Germany...

The Physics Nobel Prize 2022 is traditionally awarded in the Nobel Prize week after the Medicine Nobel Prize. The winner of this year's Nobel Prize will be announced today.

The seven great concerns of mothers when it comes to separating from the baby...

Whether it is because your maternity leave has ended, your period of leave or for any other circumstance, going back to work after having a baby is one of the most difficult moments that mothers experience.

German tourist killed in South Africa raid

They were on their way to a safari lodge when their car was stopped by gunmen. Shortly thereafter, the driver of the car was shot dead.

Critically injured man found in park in Dortmund

A seriously injured man was found in a well-known park in Dortmund. Now the police are looking for the perpetrator.

British study: These are the five most common Covid 19 symptoms by vaccination status

A corona vaccination does not protect 100 percent against infection. If you are ill, the symptoms apparently vary depending on the vaccination status.