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Modern, single dose for Covid and flu booster | Coronavirus vaccine

Moderna is developing a single-dose vaccine that thus combines Covid and flu booster at the same time. According to Agencia Efe, the company made this important announcement when it also released the first results of its clinical trials for the evaluation of a third booster dose against covid 19.

Thus, Moderna’s CEO, Stéphane Bancel, pointed out that additional studies and analyzes “show that a 50-microgram booster dose” of its covid-19 vaccine, which “elicits strong antibody responses against the delta variant »Of coronavirus.

With this, Moderna wants to gradually add protections against other respiratory viruses, in order to create an injection that protects against everything every year. The company disclosed that it has positive preclinical data demonstrating our ability to combine 6 messenger RNAs against 3 different respiratory viruses in one vaccine.

In this way, you have doses for Covid booster, flu booster and also one against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in the same dose or vaccine.

A hopeful announcement that comes at a good time. The company also noted that the second phase of the clinical study was modified to include the third dose administered “approximately” six months after the second.

Currently approved for people with weakened immune systems

At the moment, the third dose is approved for people with a weakened immune system, they can be organ transplant patients, people with HIV or some cancer patients.

That is, they are those people who did not register an adequate immune response to the first two vaccines.

Although not yet in Europe, in the United States there are possible plans for the booster dose to be for the general population that has received the demRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer ), especially for those who have been inoculated with the two doses more than eight months ago of vaccines against Covid.

But that remains to be seen why the FDA must approve it. In Europe the EMA was not clear if this third dose should be given to the general population, and in the end it was decided to give people with a weakened immune system.

In general, the WHO does not see a need for this third dose because it believes that the countries of the world must first be immunized , not just a few. It is the way to end this virus, according to experts. It is true that some countries of the European Union have commented that they want to give this booster dose to the general population, but everything remains to be seen.


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