NewsMore than 14,000 new infections: Turkey's health minister calls...

More than 14,000 new infections: Turkey's health minister calls for vaccinations

The number of corona cases is also rising sharply in Turkey. That is why Health Minister Fahrettin Koca appeals to people to get vaccinated.

Istanbul – The number of corona cases is increasing sharply in Turkey. Over 14,000 new infections were recorded between Saturday and Sunday alone. The Turkish health minister Fahrettin Koca has asked people to get vaccinated. “If we don’t take action and don’t get vaccinated, it could take a very long time for the pandemic to end,” he wrote on Twitter.

The number of infections was this high for the last time at the beginning of May. As in most other countries, the number of new infections then fell again. At the beginning of July, only around 4,000 new infections were recorded. Over 5.5 million corona cases have been registered in Turkey since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 50,000 people died in connection with Covid-19.

Turkey: Third party vaccinations against coronavirus

According to official figures, more than 39.4 million people were vaccinated for the first time. The second vaccination received around 22.8 million people. This means that the rate of fully vaccinated people in Turkey is around 26.8%. For comparison: According to the Robert Koch Institute, 48.5% of people in Germany have already received the second vaccination.

You have been able to get your third vaccination in Turkey since June. The government is taking a slightly different course than most other countries, but it has also caused anger and incomprehension. For example, when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had himself vaccinated for the third time at a time when a large part of his population had not even received the first dose. (Pia Ewald with AFP)

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