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Mother and Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot shares photos pumping breast milk behind the scenes

If a few decades ago becoming a mother represented some pause or impediment in the careers of many Hollywood actresses, today it is something that is celebrated and admired (as it always should have been). Much of this is thanks to the famous women who have shared a little of their lives with children, helping to make visible those moments of mother’s life that are not always seen on the big screen .

The most recent to do so has been Wonder Woman herself: the Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who has shared with her followers a couple of photographs expressing breast milk.

The images, in which the mother of three appears while they do their hair and make up, were published on their Instagram account and accompanied by a short phrase: ” Only me, behind the scenes, being a mother 😎”.


His publication reminds us of that famous photograph of the model Gisele Bündchen, in which she appeared breastfeeding her daughter behind the scenes and positioning herself in favor of breastfeeding, although in the second image Gal Gadot puts a fun twist on her publication.

The Wonder Woman actress became a mother for the third time this summer, announcing the arrival of her daughter Daniella through a simple family photo on Instagram, where she occasionally shares moments from her role as a mother.

To date, the photograph has more than 2.4 million likes and hundreds of comments applauding him for sharing this super power of mom , by maintaining her breastfeeding while working, reminding us that all women, famous or not, when we become mothers we seek the way of balancing or combining this important role with our professional life.

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