Auto'My Ami Play', maximum connectivity

'My Ami Play', maximum connectivity

The Citroën Ami is the first vehicle in the Citroën range to incorporate ‘My Ami Play’, a new solution that offers a connected experience on board and easy access to all essential infotainment functions to ensure a good atmosphere in the cabin.

The principle is simple: a button, the ‘Citroën Switch’, allows you to connect the smartphone via Bluetooth and then activate the My Citroën application and its new ‘My Ami Play’ page, combining all the user’s favorite functions. This allows the smartphone to be controlled more easily, either through touch or voice recognition .

“Customers like to have access to their favorite navigation and multimedia applications while driving and ‘My Ami Play’ is a great innovation to satisfy this need in complete safety. Citroën has gone further by offering an additional solution that allows them to listen to the radio while improving and simplifying the driving experience,” underlines Gilles Scafarto , Citroën’s Head of Connectivity Services.

The interior space of the Ami has been optimized to ensure a high level of practicality for both driver and passenger. One of the objectives of its interior design was to conceive storage spaces in the passenger compartment adapted to the objects that each person carries with them on a daily basis. To do this, a console and a specific clip have been configured to hold a smartphone, which becomes the Ami’s touch screen, allowing the driver to use their favorite applications compatible with driving (navigation, music, etc.).

To further enhance the experience on board the Ami, Citroën has devised a new visible and useful accessory: the ‘Citroën Switch’. Like all the functions present in the cabin of the Ami, this steering wheel control is intuitive and striking due to its characteristic orange colour, which matches the door handles. A simple touch now allows the driver to display the ‘My Ami Play’ menu and its associated functions. This device also increases safety, since the driver does not have to divert his attention from the road and there are no cables in between, since the ‘Citroën Switch’ automatically connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

The driver has the possibility to place the ‘Citroën Switch’ in the desired place on the steering wheel, to make it as comfortable as possible to press the button. If the user prefers, the button can also be placed on the dashboard. A good idea for left-handers, who can sometimes be inconvenienced by controls traditionally placed on the right in left-hand drive cars. With the ‘Citroën Switch’ they will be able to choose the best place within reach of their left hand.

Tested and approved by a group of selected customers, this small round accessory is “a useful innovation and very easy to use, which provides comfort and peace of mind when driving”. “This intuitive and ergonomic home button is a great advantage for a unique user experience,” allowing quick and safe access to entertainment and convenience functions.

Pressing the button activates communication via Bluetooth between the ‘Citroën Switch’ and the ‘My Citroën’ application, which displays ‘My Ami Play’ on the smartphone screen, a menu with four sections containing the integrated radio and applications previously saved by the driver:

The ‘Nav’ function allows the driver to see directly on the screen the features of the selected navigation application, such as: Waze, Google Maps, Apple Plan, etc. With this, the update problems are over, since they are executed automatically through the smartphone. It is also possible to make and receive calls easily through the ‘Call’ function, accessing the contact list or the address book, among others. From ‘Media’ you can access a series of applications to listen to music, such as: Deezer, Apple Music, etc., to select the soundtrack on each move with the Ami. This solution, combined with the Ami Bluetooth portable speaker, which fits perfectly in its reserved space on the dashboard, brings great satisfaction to music lovers thanks to the powerful and immersive sound that fills the 360º of the cabin. ‘Radio’ is now integrated into the ‘My Ami Play’ app, making it easy to switch from one station to another.

In addition, the functions of the smartphone’s voice assistant also continue to be available in order to reduce manipulation as much as possible.

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