FunMysterious 'SOS' Sign Appears on Google Earth in Remote...

Mysterious 'SOS' Sign Appears on Google Earth in Remote Desert

For years we have witnessed the strangest appearances on Google Earth, but few as unusual as this one. A YouTuber has shared a Google Earth image showing a large poster with the message ‘SOS STRANDED’ , clearly visible from the sky. The most curious thing of all is the location: north of Sudi Arabia, east of Egypt and south of Jordan.

As the YouTuber explains, the mysterious poster is only visible from the sky, by an airplane, a satellite or, if the sky is clear, from space . One of the things that attracts the most attention is that whoever wrote the message used the English alphabet, something unusual considering that it has appeared in the Middle East.

According to his calculations, only the letter “S” is about eight meters high, and the entire message could be 15 meters long . Now, is the image current? There is no exact answer to this, although the YouTuber believes it could go back to 2019. If you look closely, there are two more letters that seem to spell ‘NO’.

Without a doubt, it is a most strange and difficult to identify message . The clues are scattered all over the place, so the YouTuber has not been able to identify if it is a road in the desert or a remote location.

How could it be otherwise, the Google Earth ‘SOS’ poster has aroused the interest of thousands of users around the world on social networks . There are those who are concerned and believe that it should be reported to the authorities because someone could be in danger.

There are all kinds of theories about it. Other users have suggested that it could have been the soldiers who left the message in the desert during some military mission .

Other mysteries of Google Earth

This is by no means the only mystery hidden by Google Earth. In 2019, thanks to a Google Earth image, a submerged car was taken in Florida (United States) and the body of William Mold, who had been missing since 1997, was identified . Although the photo was uploaded since 2007, it was not until 2019 that a netizen saw the car.

Another of the mysteries is known as the Iraqi lake of blood. In Google Earth it appears in an intense red color, and there are those who claim that its color is due to waste from nearby slaughterhouses, others that it is due to wastewater …

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