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New Corona study provides insights into Long Covid in children

A new study from Denmark gives hope that children could be affected by Long-Covid much less frequently than adults.

Kassel – Since the beginning of the pandemic, corona research* has taken a big step forward. But researchers are not only smarter about the virus itself than they were two years ago. More data are now also available on possible long-term consequences of an infection. A new study from Denmark gives hope, especially for children. Accordingly, they should be less affected by Long Covid than adults.

Corona study from Denmark is the largest survey on long-Covid in children

In a study four weeks after infection, the doctors, who work at Aarhus University Hospital, among others, found signs of long-Covid in only 0.8 percent of the children. This is reported by Their survey is based on questionnaires that the parents of around 15,000 children between the ages of 0 and 17 filled out with and without a positive corona test. According to the doctors, this is the largest long-Covid study of its kind to date.

The good news is that even those children who still showed symptoms after four weeks disappeared within the next four months. That’s what the doctors reported in the “European Journal of Pediatrics” in January. The researchers also found that the symptoms increased with the age of the children. Despite the new study from Denmark on Long Covid in children, the data is still limited. According to, diagnosis is also complicated by complex symptoms. But how do you recognize Long Covid in children?

Eine Corona-Studie aus Dänemark ist die größte Erhebung zu Long-Covid bei Kindern bislang - und diese liefert jetzt erste hoffnungsvolle Erkenntnisse. (Symbolbild)


A corona study from Denmark is the largest survey of long-Covid in children to date – and this is now providing the first hopeful insights. (icon picture)

These are the most common long-Covid symptoms in children:

  • fatigue
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • dizziness
  • muscle weakness
  • chest pain
  • breathing problems

There are already figures for adults on Long-Covid and the various symptoms*. So far, scientists have assumed that around ten percent of those affected will be affected. In view of the high number of cases of the omicron variant, some experts warn of a further wave of long-Covid sufferers*. Mainly because it is now clear that people who experience a mild course of the corona virus must also expect long-term effects. And it can also affect young people – a teenager from Kassel reports that she could no longer walk after the infection *. (Luisa Ebbrecht) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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