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New crime series “Theresa Wolff” on ZDF

A forensic scientist is the focus of a new Saturday night crime on ZDF. She is played by “Charité” star Nina Gummich. The role of “fresh whirlwind” in forensic medicine suits her very well.

Berlin – This heroine has good instincts, it quickly becomes clear: in the midst of the idyllic autumnal landscape of the Thuringian Forest, a young jogger follows a thin trail of blood.

She comes across a rabbit with a tattered throat and a very lively wolf. Both fixate each other calmly. At the same time, divers discover a car with a woman’s corpse in a reservoir. The new crime series “Theresa Wolff” begins on Saturday at 8:15 pm with the “Charité” star Nina Gummich in the title role.

Theresa Wolff is the young woman from the forest, a forensic scientist from Jena. She recently lost her father, now lives in his beautiful old forester’s house and has a long-distance relationship with Ben (Thiago Braga de Oliveira). Dr. Wolff has a razor-sharp mind and is a master of her trade: In a flash, she creates a psychogram of the dead woman based on her clothing. A victim who did not drown, but died of “massive violence without distance”. The widower of the dead turns out to be Theresa’s childhood sweetheart Steffen Köhler (Florian Bartholomäi), who is now a doctor at the Jena University Hospital.

Theresa is just as committed as she is self-confident and puts the men straight away in her pockets. This includes her predecessor as head of forensic medicine as well as her colleague, the investigating commissioner Robert Brückner (Thorsten Merten), who meets with an unknown pregnant woman and has a wife at home suffering from dementia. He declares Theresa to be biased because she acts on her own initiative and likes to sniff around.

In doing so, she deals with the taboo subject of domestic violence and she reveals some secrets in the victim’s life. “If you want to understand death, you first have to understand life” – that’s how Theresa Wolff speaks in the film. She regards each victim as the final witness and wonders what they can tell her. That seems like a lot, and when you open your body you can hear classical music. By the way, it’s also about sexism and how women are treated.

Nina Gummich (30) is allowed to show a lot of heart and humor in her role, she literally has the mischief in her eyes. In an interview with the dpa news agency, she says: “Theresa has both feet on the ground and at such a young age is allowed to head an institute where she appears like a fresh whirlwind among the many older men. I think it’s great how she asserts itself, and also that you are now showing on television that such a young woman is given such a position and is no longer questioning it. I see that as a reinforcement and also as a justification that many women in the film arrive where they already are in real life. “

The exciting script of the first episode “Home Sweet Home” (Peter Dommaschk, Ralf Leuther) is logically very well structured, impressively staged by Franziska Buch and played believably and empathetically by Nina Gummich in particular. Florian Bartholomäi is an excellent man here who is humiliated and cannot bear any loss of control. The end then turns out a bit too spectacular, but also touching: Theresa wishes the dead Vera a good trip. dpa

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