NewsYvonne Catterfeld is looking forward to Christmas in Thuringia

Yvonne Catterfeld is looking forward to Christmas in Thuringia

The singer and actress wants to celebrate Christmas in Thuringia. In a radio interview, she tells how she gets in the mood for Christmas.

Erfurt – Yvonne Catterfeld (42) is looking forward to Christmas in her Thuringian homeland – but has not yet received any presents.

"The nice thing, even if there is no snow in Erfurt, then you just drive to Ilmenau in the Thuringian Forest," said the actress and singer Hit Radio FFH. She will get in the mood for the festival by baking and tinkering cookies with her son. “I love that,” said Catterfeld.

But until the contemplative days she still has a lot to do: "For the first time I haven't got any presents, I have to finally get started." Dpa

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