Yvonne Catterfeld is looking forward to Christmas in Thuringia

The singer and actress wants to celebrate Christmas in Thuringia. In a radio interview, she tells how she gets in the mood for Christmas.

Classical music in a barrel – Saale-Unstrut winemakers try music

An oak barrel with hundreds of liters of wine is supposed to be exposed to classical music using special technology, another not. Will the wine have a different taste?

The Christmas post office has already answered 2300 letters

The pandemic has also left its mark on many wish lists. The Christmas post office in Himmelsberg is currently working on piecework to answer all letters.

Two dozen corona fatalities in Rudolstadt nursing home

The registered death toll after a corona outbreak in a Rudolstadt nursing home continues to rise. 28 people are now affected, most of them not fully vaccinated.

Raids against people smuggling in three federal states

The focus of the searches was Berlin. 38 objects were targeted here.

Fatal attack on grandma in court

A grandson is walking in the woods with his grandmother. Suddenly he begins to hallucinate in the drug frenzy: he believes that her horns are growing and goes for her. The woman dies a little later.

Death of a four-year-old man convicted after drifting

It should be a toboggan trip for several families. Then some of the adults drift in their cars. In the end, a child is dead, relationships are broken, and a couple is attacked.

Corona-News: Merkel wants a crisis team and calls for additional measures

The number of infections has reached a new high. The future Chancellor Scholz announces a Corona crisis team - the current Corona news at a glance.


Booster study: Johnson&Johnson protects against omicron so well

In Germany it is only boosted with Biontech and Moderna. According to a booster study from South Africa, Johnson & Johnson also offers a high level of protection against omicrons.

Current study: Valneva results on omicron protection surprising

Valneva: French company now announces delivery date for Europe - ahead of EMA approval.

Must Read

Transport association from Hesse abolishes "fare dodging": Is the term racist?

After transport companies in other cities, the NVV also abolishes the term “fare evasion”. The word has no racist origin. Is the step correct?

Rampage at the University of Heidelberg: the perpetrator shot himself with a gun in a lecture – one victim apparently died

A large-scale operation is underway at the University of Heidelberg. A person injured several people with a long gun. According to the police, the perpetrator is dead.