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New trailer and villain for "Venom: There Will Be Carnage"

The new trailer for Venom: There Will Be Carnage is here, a sequel that will arrive in September 2021 and is directed by Andy Serkis. In this long-awaited preview, it is possible to observe at a visual and narrative level an increase in the interactions that the symbiote performs with Eddie Brock, who is once again played by Tom Hardy. In this second installment it seems that there will be a greater dose of CGI, as well as tentacles. that come out of the body of their protagonist and that offer an experience of greater physical duality for the character. In this increase in CGI, much will have had to do with the vision of the motion capture expert that is its director. Let’s remember that Serkis has been Gollum, Caesar or the supreme leader Snoke of the last Star Wars trilogy, with what he understands and has extensive experience in filming full of visual effects. One of the main criticisms made of the original film was how the symbiote with Tom Hardy was made and designed, therefore it is expected that the new director will integrate more fluid mechanisms on the anti-hero. New trailer, new villain and new equipment. There is no official argument, it is most likely that Venom: There will be slaughter serves to pit Tom Hardy’s symbiote against a new villain, Carnage (although Spain is better known as slaughter). This antagonist is the same alien species as Venom, a symbiote that was housed in the body of Cletus Kasady, a character played by Woody Harrelson. This villain is already a dangerous enemy, as he is a sadistic serial killer who is serving his sentence but with the Carnage symbiote he is still a much more powerful being.In the new trailer we see how Eddie Brock tries to lead a “normal” life with the Venom parasite lodged within him, while Cletus Kasady, not yet turned into Carnage, explains to Eddie the affinity that exists between them two. In a shot of the advance it is possible to see a poster of Ravencroft, the mental institute of comics located in New York and that already had Carnage or Venom himself among its residents in the role. The combination of the villain with the symbiote is much more physically powerful than Venom and Brock, so much so that in the stories of the marvel world, the black symbiote has had to team up with Spiderman to finish him off. Not only Serkis debuts in this production, but the scriptwriter Kelly Marcel, responsible for Cruella or the director of photography Robert Richardson, a regular collaborator of Tarantino, have also joined the project with respect to the first installment.

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