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Nine beautiful ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with your children

Like every year, on February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated, a day in which love and friendship are the protagonists . Although this day usually focuses mainly on the love of a couple, we have already spoken on other occasions about how we can also celebrate the greatest, sweetest and most powerful love: that of our children.

Therefore, and on the occasion of this date, in which we can begin to teach children about love, we share nine beautiful ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our children .

Exchange of cards and gifts made by you

Let’s start with a nice tradition of this day: a card exchange or some small gift. So that everyone can participate, we suggest you give something handmade, such as one of the various Valentine’s Day crafts that we have shared with you on other occasions.

Exchange of letters

Although every day it is important to remind our children how much we love them, on Valentine’s Day we can make this affection something even more special, holding a letter exchange, in which each one writes individual letters for each member of the family , filled of positive things.

Ice cream afternoon and walk

If you choose to have a more relaxed afternoon, you can go out and buy ice cream for everyone and then take a leisurely walk in a nearby park. The idea is to share a moment together as a family, full of love and sweet things .

Organize a breakfast in bed

If we have the opportunity to stay at home (or celebrate it during the weekend), we can make one of the plans that children like the most: a breakfast in bed . We can plan ahead and prepare some almond, cinnamon and cardamom heart cookies or some cocoa heart cupcakes.

Take photos

If you want to make this date even more memorable, you can organize a Valentine-themed photo session . It is not necessary to hire a photographer, just wear clothes in red and white, perhaps do some crafts to help us decorate, set the mobile timer and smile!

Talk about love

As I mentioned at the beginning, love is not only a couple, love is a feeling that is in every part of our lives . We can find it in the love of family, the love of a job that we are passionate about, the friends who support us and above all, with ourselves.

Therefore, we must educate our children in love, so that this is the one that guides them in their lives, and a beautiful way to support ourselves with this is by reading them stories about love and talking about how this feeling is present in many aspects.

Hearts party

Every celebration deserves a party, and if we are able to do so, we can organize a party at home with our children with a heart theme , where these are the central element: heart-shaped desserts, heart-shaped decorations, and even draw hearts on our hands or faces with special makeup.

Valentine’s dinner at home

Looking for a quieter and more private option, we can have a Valentine’s dinner at home (or snack, if it works better for them), in which we gather several of the aforementioned options: prepare special love-themed meals, exchange cards and talk About this beautiful feeling

A weekend getaway with the family

Finally, if we have the opportunity to do so, we can organize a small family weekend trip. And how do we do it focused on Valentine’s Day? Focusing on living together and dedicating that day or days to just being with our children, strengthening the bond with them and showing them how much we love them .

With these nine ideas, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children in a beautiful way , while at the same time, teaching them about one of the most beautiful feelings that exist: love.

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