FunNo pets, no cowboys: North Korea's new political restrictions

No pets, no cowboys: North Korea's new political restrictions

North Korea is one of the richest countries in the world , according to the latest report that the International Monetary Fund published last April. This wealth is not linked to the freedom of its citizens and, far from it, to the fact that the poverty of Korean society is not a constant compared to its supreme leader Kim Jong-Un.

One of the premises of the Kim Jong-Un government is to separate his country as much as possible from Western society, especially the one that has the most to do with capitalism and with the way of life of other world powers such as the United States. , or a large part of European countries.

Given this, it is very common for the leader of North Korea, from time to time, to publish a series of restrictions and prohibitions to its citizens based on being associated with the Western world.

No to cowboys

As published recently by the international media BBC, the leader of North Korea has banned clothing such as jeans, piercings or hairstyles that can be considered “Western”.

These regulations have just come into force in the country, but they are not the only ones. According to what the British media publishes, the Korean leader would also have prohibited his citizens from speaking as his South Korean neighbors would, in addition to importing prohibited material from Seoul.

These prohibitions are imposed after the supreme leader expressed his concern in the national media at the advance of ” unpleasant, individualistic and anti-socialist behavior” which he considers “disgusting poisons.”

Along the same lines, a few months ago one of the country’s media, controlled by Kim Jong-Un himself, Rodong Sinmun, issued a statement advising Koreans that they should “be careful with the slightest sign of the capitalist lifestyle. and fight to get rid of it.

Since last summer, North Korea, in its struggle to prevent its inhabitants from identifying with the Western way of life, banned pets in houses as a symbol of “capitalist decadence.”

Youth league

In order for these new decrees to be carried out, under severe penalty by the authorities, the North Korean Patriotic Youth League will police the streets of cities and become a kind of “fashion police” . Those people who wear ripped, tight jeans, colored hairs and everything that may seem to have come from the West will then be punished.

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