NewsNurse calculates with Corona bonus: "Put your premiums somewhere...

Nurse calculates with Corona bonus: "Put your premiums somewhere else!"

The nurse Nina Böhmer feels that dealing with nurses is unfair. She considers the planned Corona bonus to be unjust and a “clever move by the traffic light coalition”.

Update, December 8th, 2021 12:52 p.m.: The now nationally known nurse Nina Böhmer has spoken again about the pandemic situation. This time, she criticizes the corona premium for nursing staff. “Put your bonuses anywhere else! We are burned out and exhausted ”, she writes in a guest post on, in which she describes the bonus as a“ clever move by the traffic light coalition ”.

“One billion euros is a lot of money as a bonus. Respect. The huge amount impressed the public, “criticized Böhmer and also notes:” Even the bonus that is supposed to be given now should only be given to the intensive colleagues. Hospitals work closely together. ”So that one clinic can take in more Covid-19 patients, another will take over the sick who need urgent care but can no longer stay at home. “Some colleagues get the bonus, others don’t. Where’s justice there? ”Asks the nurse.

Caregivers: From Hero to Malefactor

First report from January 28th, 2021: Nina Böhmer is angry. Again she feels that she has been treated unfairly, and again it affects her professional group. The nurse no longer wants to be called a “lateral thinker in white” – neither by politics, nor by the media or society. Böhmer has doubts about the corona vaccination (* FR reported) and is probably not alone with it. In a guest post for , the 29-year-old nurse and author has written the frustration of the soul. She doesn’t want to forego “self-determination” about her body.

Nina Böhmer begins her fire letter with the words “This is how you treat heroes in Germany”. The general sentiment against nurses has recently deteriorated. Your professional group is increasingly polarizing. “So not only a virus can mutate, but also nurses,” she writes in the n-tv commentary.

Just over a year ago, the medical workers were celebrated and applauded as heroes – now it has turned into the opposite. There is a “compulsion” or pressure to get vaccinated against the coronavirus , regardless of your own interests and concerns. That is “unheard of”, writes Böhmer in her article.

In March 2020, Böhmer had published an angry text on Facebook that made her known within a short time. In it, she wrote that it is nowhere near enough to applaud the nursing staff for their commitment * during the corona pandemic *. “You can put your clapping anywhere else,” she wrote at the time. The post drew huge media coverage. Böhmer demanded better pay and more recognition from politics for their profession. Her book on the subject was published in the same year.

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Now Böhmer writes that nurses are also afraid of the still uncertain side effects of the corona vaccine . “Everyone knows fear. Can’t we have one? ”She asks. “However, we have to be granted the right to be careful, even if the fear behind it is perhaps irrational,” writes the nurse .

Corona vaccination: bullying among caregivers

There is increasing friction and division between the carers, even bullying. Caregivers who do not want to be vaccinated would be marginalized. However, medical staff also have families and private lives, she argues. Accordingly, the carers’ concerns should be taken seriously.

She also published a video statement on her text. Opinions on her post on Facebook were controversial. “It’s getting on my nerves! Because she is so stressed and frustrated, she shows up very often everywhere on TV! ”Wrote one user. “She has the right to decide about her own body,” said another user, for example. * FR is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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