NewsOmikron: RKI recommends immediate "maximum contact restrictions"

Omikron: RKI recommends immediate "maximum contact restrictions"

Omikron is exacerbating the corona situation in Germany. The Robert Koch Institute is now calling for drastic measures.

  • The new Corona variant * Omikron is also spreading in Germany.
  • The Corona mutant Omikron appears to be far more contagious than the previously dominant Delta variant.
  • The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) demands strict contact restrictions from the federal and state governments in the fight against Omikron. All information in the live ticker.

Berlin – The current Corona situation in Germany is causing professionals more and more worries. Now the Robert Koch Institute has also spoken out. Shortly before the federal-state top round, the RKI recommends far-reaching restrictions to protect against the Corona variant Omikron.

In view of the current dangers, “maximum contact restrictions” are necessary from now on, according to an updated version of the RKI Corona strategy published on December 21, 2021. The institute lists a number of measures that begin immediately and should initially be maintained until mid-January.



The Corona variant Omikron is already circulating worldwide. (Symbol photo)

The strategy document names some specific recommendations from the RKI experts, some of which go well beyond the plans of the federal-state group, such as:

  • Extension of the Christmas holidays for schools and day-care centers
  • Closure of restaurants, bars and indoor sports facilities
  • Conversion of teaching in universities and other colleges to distance teaching

Also required are maximum speed when vaccinating the population, reducing travel to what is “absolutely necessary” and “intensive accompanying communication to understand the measures”.

Omikron variant: RKI speaks of “pandemic wave currently starting in Germany”

With a view to the new Omikron variant of the coronavirus, the RKI speaks of a “pandemic wave currently starting in Germany”. Even if this wave is still in its infancy in this country, a look abroad shows “that this variant will result in a wave of infections with a dynamic that has not yet been observed”.

Despite the uncertainties that still exist, initial analyzes indicated that Omikron could identify the majority of cases of infection in Germany as early as January 2022, the RKI announced. There could be tens of thousands of Omikron infections per day. Under the current conditions, the doubling time in Germany is around three days.

“The 2G / 3G concepts should be sharpened taking into account the Omikron variant, since a considerable transmission of this variant must also be assumed by those who have recovered and who have been completely vaccinated without a booster”, writes the RKI.

The number of new cases of the fourth wave due to the delta variant is declining, writes the RKI. Nevertheless, the hospital admissions and the utilization of the intensive care units are still at a very high level. “If the dynamics of the upcoming Omikron wave are not slowed down, the high number of cases expected in a short period of time means that the health care structures in Germany will be overloaded.” Energy, police, fire brigade – have to be reckoned with.

The further course of the epidemiological situation in the next few weeks depends on the behavior of the population on the holidays and the unpredictable strength of the flu circulation as another pathogen with epidemic potential. (red / dpa / afp) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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