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Onset of winter, according to the expert: "Up to 30 centimeters of snow" – from this day on

From Thursday, November 25th, snow and frost will determine the weather in Germany. Experts reckon with sometimes huge amounts of snow in the region.

Experts predicted weeks ago that snow and frost can be expected in Germany * for the first time in Advent. The editorial team * has already reported on falling snowfall limits from the end of November * as well as on weather models in Europe that predict a winter with a lot of snow in Germany * – also in the plains – for 2021. It was still unclear when exactly the first major snowfall in the Federal Republic should start – until today.

Weather expert Jan Schenk is certain: “The snowfall is coming to Germany – there is no longer any doubt.” On the night of Friday, November 26th, the first snowfall in the south is to start and last until Saturday. On the weather map you can see that the snow will continue to spread in Germany from Thursday. Schenk assumes that a closed snow cover will form in large parts of the Federal Republic by Saturday. That means: It will seem like a lot.

Weather in Germany: the expert is very certain – “it will snow heavily”

That’s right, experts across Germany are expecting a lot of fresh snow from Thursday, November 25th, which should remain due to the temperatures. “All weather models agree: It will snow heavily,” says Jan Schenk and adds: “We have to assume snowfall and a closed snow cover in Germany.” But it gets even better. Schenk and other meteorologists assume that it will continue to snow from the first of Advent – then also in the west.

“We have two areas of snowfall – first in the south and east and later in the west of Germany.” But especially in the south, a lot of snow is to be expected. “Here the snow cover is up to 20 centimeters thick,” says Schenk. People in the east and in the middle of Germany have to be patient a little longer. Not until next week – November 29th – it should snow more heavily here as well. That means: the best tobogganing conditions do not prevail everywhere in Germany.

Weather in Germany: Here meteorologists expect “30 centimeters of fresh snow”

If you live in the east or north of Germany, you should expect little or no snow at least from Thursday – November 25th. Quite different in the Alpine region. According to reports from Focus Online , up to “30 centimeters of fresh snow” can fall here. Only in the lowlands of the Moselle, Rhine and Main should the snow melt quickly, otherwise, according to experts, it will be enough for a closed snow cover until the coming week. It could look completely different in December.

In einer Stadt schneit es. Zu sehen ist eine Frau mit Mundschutz und Regenschirm.


In a few days, the first snow showers could also reach larger cities in the lowlands (symbol picture).

Weather phenomena such as the polar vortex split over the Arctic or a La Niña event * could still have a decisive impact on the weather situation throughout Germany. In some weather models there is even talk of a mega blizzard in the next week – but whether it will actually come is not yet certain. How long the snow will remain in the individual case cannot be said with certainty either. In addition to actual temperatures, other factors also play a role.

Weather in Germany: snow cover everywhere? That is a big problem

In larger cities, for example, it often ends in slush and slippery snow, because heat radiation from buildings and cars makes it difficult for a closed snow cover to form. A lot of snow does not automatically mean a mega-snowpack. Often it has to seem persistent for a few days for a significant snow cover to actually form. The first weather forecasts for December * don’t look too bad here. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Snow roller over Germany: meteorologist with urgent warning

The weather in Germany is becoming threatening. A meteorologist warns of heavy snowfall and a blizzard in the next few days.

Snow roller rolls over Germany: Meteorologist with clear warning

The weather in Germany is becoming threatening. A meteorologist warns of heavy snowfall and a blizzard in the next few days.

Squalls cause countless missions – one dead

In northern Germany you are used to a lot of wind. The storm becomes uncomfortable when it becomes hurricane-like. For a motorist, the stormy night ends fatally.

Snow roller rolls over Germany: Meteorologist gives clear warning

The weather in Germany is becoming threatening. A meteorologist warns of heavy snowfall and a blizzard in the coming days.

Weather service predicts heavy gusts of wind in the north

In the north of the republic people should dress warmly. The German Weather Service predicts strong storms up to hurricane gusts. Deep “Daniel” could also have the first snow in his luggage.