AutoOpel and its wide range of electrified models

Opel and its wide range of electrified models

Sustainability has come to the fore in our daily lives. It has become one of the social concerns, becoming part of the electoral programs and government strategies of any developed country . Europe is leading this decarbonisation goal, focusing on mobility and the automobile industry as the main ally in the search for an urgent solution. Climate change and the environmental emergency are part of the political debate, so that we citizens suffer the consequences. The anti-pollution protocols of cities like Barcelona or Madrid have forced hundreds of families to change their car. An unexpected decision that has given them a sea of doubts: Hybrid, electric, bi-fuel or plug-in hybrid? Which is the best option. Luckily, companies like Opel already have a wide range of models with the DGT 0 badge: Opel Corsa-e, Astra Hybrid, Mokka-e and Grandland Hybrid. That without counting on the options for large families such as the Zafira-e Life or Combo-e Life .

The Opel Astra is one of the most anticipated models of 2022, even more so after learning about its plug-in hybrid variants. This technology, which is due to Opel’s association with PSA and the recent acquisition of FCA to create Stellantis, will lower the costs of manufacturing electrified DGT zero badge models such as PHEVs. For now, we are not talking about a propulsion within everyone’s reach, but about a pleasant feel at the wheel and excellent rolling comfort. A dynamic that is repeated in any of the two variants, either the contained 180 hp or the more performance-oriented 225 hp . In both cases we are talking about a highly equipped compact with Intelli-Lux LED pixel matrix lighting as an option for its renewed Opel Vizor front.

The rest of the range has been discovered over the last few months, as is the case of the Opel Grandland Hybrid with up to 59 kilometers of electric range and a combined power of 300 hp. The Opel Corsa- e , on the other hand, was presented just before the arrival of covid-19 in our lives and is manufactured at the Zaragoza plant as one of the benchmarks in the electrified B-segment. It has 359 kilometers of approved autonomy (WLTP), despite the fact that tests in real terrain show that it gives a little less travel. Similar is the case with the Mokka-e, a compact SUV that has fit in due to its design and marked the first of the Opel Pure Panel, the new dashboard layout. We tell you more about this family in the gallery.

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