AutoOpenR: the Megane screen that will blow your mind

OpenR: the Megane screen that will blow your mind

Electrification is just one of the challenges facing the automotive industry. Connectivity, autonomous driving and safety are other key points, those in which they invest the most to differentiate themselves from their rivals. For those of us who are passionate about motoring, technological drift can tell us little, the power, performance or sportiness of a chassis is no longer important, now compatibility with smartphones is more valued. Understandable, of course, for the vast majority of users. In that sense, the association with technological giants represents a before and after. We are witnessing the same thing before the launch of the new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, in charge of premiering the screen with the OpenR Link system equipped with the Google ecosystem. This bet reduces the costs of research and innovation by the French manufacturer, which grants the infotainment system to those who know.

For the end user, this collaboration will mean entering a world already known, with an interface that they already use on their mobile phone. That is as long as you don’t own an Apple. Luckily, iOS is also compatible with the central screen of the 100% electric Megane E-Tech, which measures neither more nor less than 12 inches and continues to use the vertical layout that we already see in current models. The objective, achieved, of this union was ” to propose a solution that allows the customer to find everything they need very quickly and in a very intuitive way,” says Marc, director of Experience Design at Renault.

jump to the big screen

To offer a connected and modern space, those of Renault have opted for a large central screen similar to the one found in the American Tesla. The digital space is made up of the central vertical 12-inch screen, placed in a strategic position to be seen without having to take your eyes off the road too much. This interface is joined by the 12.3-inch instrument panel , with a simple and intuitive design behind a steering wheel that now has the Multi-Sense button for driving modes.

The idea is that the introduction of electrification also supposes an immersive experience inside, premiering the largest screens we have ever seen in a production Renault. In addition, the production is carried out by Continental and its ultra-resistant lauminosilicate material with anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint treatment. This happens, in large part, thanks to the spaciousness of a larger cabin due to the propulsion itself and the CMF-EV platform specific to the electrical group Renault and the Alliance.

OpenR interface

Beyond the dimensions, which are becoming more considerable in cars, what is really interesting in this Megane E-TECH is Google’s participation in its ecosystem. In addition to the incredible display quality, with an HD resolution of 267 dots per inch , we add the OpenR Link experience based on Android OS . This translates into a use inspired by mobile phones, taking into account what users have learned today.

That’s not to say that it’s not compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto , but these connectivity services have been redesigned to avoid having to resort to the phone. More than anything because the screen itself will already have Google Maps for navigation, the most used application when connecting the mobile. Not only that, this navigator has been optimized for the electric propulsion of the Megane E-Tech , so that it will plan the itinerary based on the vehicle’s information in real time , proposing charging points, the battery level with which we will arrive and the time that we will invest in that stop, among others.

Trust in the greatest

Google is just one example of the type of suppliers that Renault has sought out for this new era of mobility. The partners of the French firm will also be noticed in the hardware area, where they have Qualcomm’s experience for the third generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit processor . This bet improves the fluidity of the screen, which is seven times faster than previous models.

To improve the man-machine experience, you need an “intelligence” capable of translating data into commands and sensations. That will be in charge of LG Electronics, the South Korean multinational that has developed, among other things, the platform that allows viewing both screens so that their use is more immersive and natural . A series of technological features that have ended up affecting the interior design of the Renault Megane E-Tech , which has adapted the position of the air vents and the aesthetics of the steering wheel to this new digital age.

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