NewsPakistan: Father kills newborn daughter because of her gender

Pakistan: Father kills newborn daughter because of her gender

In Pakistan, a man is said to have killed his newborn daughter with five shots. The reason for his action was apparently her gender.

Lahore – A man has been arrested in Pakistan for allegedly killing his newborn daughter with five shots. As the police announced on Thursday (03/10/2022), the man shot the girl, who was only a week old, out of disappointment that his first-born child was not a boy. In Pakistan, which is strongly patriarchal, sons are considered a better guarantee of financial security. Girls and women are very often exposed to violence*.

The murder of little Jannat Fatima was reported to have occurred on Sunday in the city of Mianwali in central Punjab province. After a search lasting several days and several raids, the father was finally arrested on Wednesday evening.

Pakistan: Man shoots newborn daughter

Police spokesman Zarrar Khan said the man complained for three or four days before the attack that he had wanted a son rather than a daughter. He was “very angry” about the birth of the girl. This was also confirmed by his wife.

The newborn girl’s murder came just under a month after a pregnant Pakistani woman was hit in the head with a hammer. A self-proclaimed faith healer had said this ensured the woman would give birth to a boy. The mother-of-three had said she was expecting another girl. (fh/AFP) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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