AutoPeugeot Motocycles bets on artificial intelligence

Peugeot Motocycles bets on artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is that concept that has been with us for decades and that we adore and fear in equal measure. This is largely blamed on movies about conspiracies by intelligent machines, which try to supplant us as the dominant species on the planet. A hot topic now, with the release of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ almost 30 years after its first installment in 1999. The truth is that, for now, AI seems to be in charge of improving our lives and making it one more transit pleasant and with less time waiting. With this objective in mind, Peugeot Motocycles has signed a collaboration with E-bot7 , one of the main providers of conversational Artificial Intelligence in Europe. That is to say, of that function on the part of the devices to understand and respond to our conventional vocabulary. The first result of this union is a platform available on the Peugeot Motocycles website that makes customer service more efficient and faster .

In the firm’s portal we can consult anything about the product available in Spain or questions about our models. As Caroline Ronzani, Global Digital Manager, CRM & Customer Experience at Peugeot Motocycles explains, “the robot allows us to respond to the brand’s objective of constant improvement of the customer experience. Through a simple and fast implementation, Peugeot Motocycles thus responds to the need for immediacy of Internet users ”. Undoubtedly, the adaptation of traditional firms is to be recognized, since clients are used to having an immediate solution to a problem without having to travel or call.

A data aggregator

Behind this implementation there is, of course, a greater goal of getting data and interactions with people. The conversational database, which is fed by e-Bot AI , will be able to acquire information from users while reducing the volume of incoming requests in conventional customer service, handling the most recurring questions in an agile and fast way . A service that will be available on all pages for Spain, both for clients, companies or simple users who use Spanish.

This type of service is common in other sectors, but with the introduction of E-bot7 AI, Peugeot hopes to lead this kind of evolution. For this reason, the firm ensures that the bots will be able to solve practically any problem but, if this is not possible, it will give way to a human Customer Service agent with the prior information acquired by the portal.

This is another of the differential points of this Peugeot solution, which is aware that behind this work there is a great implication on the part of the human being. “Our teams have gone out of their way to feed the bot with hundreds of responses to thousands of questions, and behind the conversation window, there will continue to be colleagues working to portray responses to our users when the bot cannot help them .” says Priscilla Sellier, Marketing and Communication Director of Peugeot for Spain

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