NewsPizza "unworthy"? Father outraged by children's toys

Pizza "unworthy"? Father outraged by children's toys

Opinions differ on the topping of a pizza. One ingredient in particular is an absolute no-go for many lovers. A father shares his dislike online.

Munich – Tomato sauce, ham, pineapple and cheese – this combination on a pizza has always caused a tense mood at German dining tables. Where does this come from? Unclear – in Australia, for example, the Hawaiian pizza is one of the most popular pizza creations. And pineapple in particular is considered to be particularly healthy: it protects against thrombosis and is said to heal bruises. But in the eyes of many Germans, she has no place on a pizza, as the case of a Twitter user shows again.

The father of one toddler shared a photo showing a toy pizza. “You give everything and know how important early childhood imprinting is and then the child gets a pizza like this,” he writes. And adds: “Find. The. Error.” The reactions are correspondingly drastic after other users and accounts shared the photo.

Pizza Hawaii: “What sick person does that?”

One Facebook user * writes: “Unworthy combination”, another demands: “Never pineapple on pizza!” – Another user advises: “Just throw the pineapple things away secretly.” But other details are also criticized: “All rain wondering about the pineapples…why the hell is it only 6?! What sick person does something like that?” Other users defend themselves against the indignation: “Freedom for the tropical fruits! Pineapple on every pizza!” demands one – or: “Pineapple on pizza is best!” writes another.

Just recently, the discussion about the name Pizza Hawaii caused a nationwide sensation: “Order pizza with pineapple instead of Pizza Hawaii. Also applies to the toast!” posted the Linke PoC/Migrantifa group on Facebook. The name is problematic because it is associated with a “history of colonialism and appropriation”. The case of TV presenter Lutz van der Horst also made headlines – he wrote on Twitter: “A friend’s favorite pizza: Pizza Hawaii without cheese, but with sausage and double pineapple…”, he wrote and asked: “Dissolve friendship immediately?” * is offered by IPPEN.MEDIA

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